28 08 17

Holding it loosely; so here we are again writing this beautiful article together.

It is important to let go and let God. We sometimes cling too much on things we are supposed to let go.

My life has been with no doubt got some moments where I tried too much to hold on things I was supposed to let go. So I suffered not knowing it was all vanity and being able to let go was the most important thing then.

Where we hold things loosely we allow God to take away what we don’t need, and replace it with what we need. What we need may not necessarily look good and we sometimes keep holding unto what we think we need, and in the process loosing what we actually need.

In a life of a believer, God is extremely loving and sometimes He takes away some things for the benefit of us. We instead decide to throw tantrums and unless we allow ourselves to listen to the Holy Spirit, we might feel annoyed with God instead of appreciating His love for us.

From experience, I was forced to let go some relationships because that was the right thing then. I was not immediately convinced it was the right thing to do, but today I am more peaceful, joyful and enjoying life.

Some things we need to fight for, but some things we don’t need to. Listen to the Holy Spirit and be able to discern what you need to let go, and what you need to fight for.


11 08 17

Who cares about me? I would constantly ask. Today I am sitted at a corner away from the noisy crowd of people moving about and around. I think to myself, “these people are busy and they only care about each other, who cares about me?”

In a split of a second I feel someone speaking to my soul, “I care about you”. I look around me hoping to see my encourager, all in vain. The people around me are still very busy and I am with no doubt no one among them spoke to me.

Someone spoke and He said words that lifted by downcast face. He cares about me, God cares about me and He thinks about me constantly. He cares about me and so I will never ever get worried.

My life is in his hands and so I am not worried whatever might come my way. No one may never think about me, but like a good father, God cares about me and values me more than any other being in this world.

He cares about me and therefore I will proclaim His goodness to the world. Withholding nothing, I let go pain, hurt and rejection and accept God. He is all I need any day and anytime.

I am going to care for people out here in the streets of pain because God loves and cares about me.


11 08 17

Laughing as a crazy person I am. What you do not know is how uncontrollable the Love I feel can be. Today walking in the streets of love, I am prompted to talk about it and like all Spirit filled Christians will do; I obey this small still voice.

The love I feel is not just an article it is a personal testimony. I have tried to find out from other Christians if they feel the same about this love. Its like I am the only one feeling this love.

I grew up with low self-esteem and sometimes I would feel depressed, but they were unexplainable moments when I would feel some warmth and like some love poured in my soul I would feel relieved from pain and depression.

I grew in a situation where I thought I was not worthy of anything or anybody, but like an unexplainable story I would feel someone lifting off my unworthy state and put a special kind of worthiness.

The love I feel is so Jesus like. He lifts my soul and gives me a brand new song. I will never ever be able to explain to anyone how peaceful I am even in the midst of storms. This is a personal testimony, it might resonate with you or not.

I am loved, why not then give out this Love? Feel free to seek this love from me. Email me on jerekim2@gmail.com and be sure to know why.

11 08 17

This was me trying to say everything about how saved I was. A Christian boy washed with the blood of Jesus, but amidst all this talk of how saved I was, I realized this, “show people”. Why show them? I was puzzled.

Today I am doing my best to talk less and show people what salvation is all about. The Love I am with the help of Jesus trying to show people is what explains my salvation. The greatest thing about being a believer is being able to talk less and show the world what we are made of.

Loving people regardless of how sinful they might look is the greatest example Jesus has given the Church. We judge mostly as Christians and pretend we are gods in people’s lives; however, what I learnt in this life as a Christian is love. It is the greatest example a believer can change the world with.

Don’t be quick to explain your salvation to the world, just take a break! And silently do the right thing that Jesus has been the beginner of.

I stick around people who are not saved, and the greatest condemnation the devil has tried to put in me is that, “why don’t you tell them, you will go to hell”. I have always prayed to God that He might make me do things that will be admirable to the unbeliever.

Show people love which is the key ingredient to attract them to this beautiful salvation. Don’t waste your time on talking, do Jesus and the world will admire you and strive to know Jesus more.

27 07 17

In one of my articles in jeremiahblogs.wordpress.com, I wrote an article called “respect a step higher.” Today’s article is not about that but something similar to that.

I am a young man growing up in ministry and passionate about Jesus and His word. However there are people who have gone ahead of me. These are the spiritual dads and mums. I have realized recently that some young people are not honoring enough those who have paved way for them.

The Holy Spirit stirred this up and He put this word in me. Those who have been before us in ministry are to be respected and honored. They might appear as if they are old, but the fire of the Holy Spirit is still burning in them.

Young people respect these men of God. One pastor for the longest time had a small church, which had a small congregation. One day another younger pastor who had a larger church sought him out for a clarification on why after so many years of ministry He was still not ‘growing’.

Interesting this pastor told Him how God had allowed him to raise great men in ministry though he had a small church. This was amazing because if this younger pastor despised this older pastor, he may never have known how God’s Spirit was using him to raise great men.

Those who have gone before us should be honored because they raised us the spirit filled generation. Today acknowledge your spiritual dads and mums.

27 07 17

How many remember the story of the burning bush? Where Moses saw a burning bush, which was not being consumed? The revelation of this is that when we get the fire of the Holy Spirit we do not burn out in whatever ministry we are in. Ministry in itself is hard and harsh.

God has called us to it and I know that He indeed called me to ministry. Sometimes ministry is hard because of financial struggles and so much discouragement along the way. We sometimes feel like burning out but God rejuvenates us and makes us soar as eagles, we actually do not burn out.

Writing this article is an amazing testimony of God sustaining His own. I felt tired with this ministry a couple of weeks ago and I was almost stopping writing. Then God came for me and He whispered, “I sustain my own.”

What God grows He sustains. Do not get discouraged because whatever you are doing for God is not working, one thing for sure is that you will never ever burn out while serving God. Be at rest and know He is God.

Those who wait on God will receive new strength to keep doing what God has called them to do.

My God indeed sustains His own.

27 07 17

I was to write this a couple of weeks back. I was at rest however waiting on God’s timing. Here I was reading this old rusty bible and alas! I came across this book called John chapter 21 and here I was on focus.

It talked of an appearance Jesus made at the shore where His disciples were fishing. This appearance was among the ones He did to His disciples after His resurrection. The disciples had not caught any fish throughout the fishing process. Jesus called out to them to throw their nets in the sea even though they had not known it was Him.

Obviously they caught fish and that’s when they realized it was Jesus. Interestingly Peter was naked, and when He realized it was Jesus He immediately put on his clothes and jumped into the sea and presuming swam towards Jesus.

That for me got this revelation, why was Peter not worried all through when he was naked with the other disciples and only felt naked when He saw Jesus?

The Holy Spirit then gave me this revelation that it was indeed true that Jesus wants us exposed, yet as Christians we cover up when we approach Jesus. In that chapter it continues to show Jesus asking Peter if he indeed loved Him. This was interesting because if we keep hiding the nakedness in us which includes our brokenness it raises questions if we actually love Jesus.

Jesus wants us exposed. If we love him we will be more willing to show up our brokenness without hiding. Jesus wants you so much and He wants us to expose ourselves so that he may come through for us.

Today show your nakedness to Jesus He wants to heal you.

10 07 17

I have been struggling with pornography and masturbation for the longest period now. So a few days ago I was flipping through the channels and here I was at Family TV, a Christian TV station.

There was this pastor preaching and at first he was not interesting. Then as he continued preaching he touched on his life in ministry and his struggle with pornography. All my attention was caught and put down the things I was doing and focused.

He talked of how he struggled with pornography even as a pastor, he prayed and even called for deliverance from a fellow pastor but all in vain nothing happened and he felt shuttered. His wife was in the dark about his struggle and he feared to be condemned if anyone knew his long guarded secret.

Then God revealed to him how he longed for a relationship with him, he realized he was not focusing on what God was feeling about this despicable act but was only focusing on what people would think of him.

He read John chapter 14 and he realized God was urging him to have a relationship with him that would make him not want to annoy God, because he wanted to maintain the relationship.

After nine months, he fasted for four days and at the end of the fasting he was delivered and was set free. This great testimony touched my heart. I thought to myself that maybe I did not have a relationship with God. I fear God instead of regarding him as a father who wanted me to love him more and not want to grieve Him with my deeds.

Today I am yearning for a relationship with God and slowly I am seeing a change in my life. I know God is faithful and will not disappoint me because I have trusted in Him.

10 07 17

Years back when I was in form two in high school, one guy who was in the same class as I was approached me and asked if I could pray for him because it was during an examination and he needed God’s guidance at this time.

I remember looking at him and declining his request because I felt he wasn’t serious, he begged jokingly for me to pray for him and I declined.

This incident was engraved in my heart for the longest period and I thought, ‘maybe he needed my help seriously.’ Years have passed and I still remember this as vividly as it happened a week ago. I thought probably he did not deserve God’s guidance and I arrogantly refused to give him a chance to experience the power of God.

Today I realize how important it is to pray for the unbeliever, they may approach a Christian jokingly asking for spiritual intervention and the Christian arrogantly turn them down.

Everybody deserves God’s mercies and being there as a Christian to pray for the unbeliever is more than important. Pray for a brother or a sister however unserious they might sound with the things of the Lord. Practice giving Jesus to the world unconditionally and experience how the power of God will transform lives.

I feel guilty till today but that has been a learning stone for me and I would never turn down anyone asking for me to pray for them today.

I pray for my enemies and the unbelievers so that they may finally see the light.


10 07 17

When I thought of doing the video promo I knew it was a hard thing. Everyone in the class was being their best at this assignment that meant marks in this unit called broadcast management. I was shuttered and I felt what about doing a simple thing, just picking images, inserting some music and writing words as a small video promo that would make sense.

We were doing a video promo that was to advertise a radio station we were to propose for the institution. This video promo was going to be marked and therefore something good was to be presented if good marks were to be awarded. It was in my fourth year first semester and I needed to pass this unit.

I was caught up with time and I did the promo the day of the submission, I woke up early morning and asked for God’s guidance and I hurriedly did what I thought was the worst thing I ever did. Come the time for the submission I did my best to ensure no one saw my pathetic video promo, unfortunately or fortunately it landed on someone’s phone and soon enough almost everyone in the class was viewing my promo.

Here I was feeling ashamed, to my utter surprise everyone was marveled by this promo and I could see envy as their checked my ‘beautiful promo’. The class was wowed by a simple promo that was eye catching with beautiful background music.

That got me moved by this turn of events. I thought how come we hate the things people love the most?

I am concerned with the creative minds that feel afraid of letting their works to the world, the creative people are sometimes the most secretive with their creative stuff and they hide their creativity away from the world.

I write a lot and most times I feel not worthy of writing, but I want to encourage you who is reading this creative piece, to rise up the creativity in you and with shaking hands do what it takes to put your work out here.

I am a creative guy, who are you?