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Remember What He Did

So here you are celebrating the goodness of God after He did something ‘awesome!’ yeah you throw a party or even go for a thanksgiving service. Two days later something bad happens and you suddenly go from glory to shame.

We could be deceived that God no longer loves us, if things work against us. “Remember what He did” I say unto you. Yes, it was painful to see something bad happen, but hasn’t God done something good in the past?

If we allow situations to dictate how good or bad God could be, then we lose it and we could live frustrated. Remember what God did two years ago when you thought you would be crippled after that horrible accident, you went through hell but finally you won, and now you can walk.

The best thing one can ever do is, remembering the goodness of the Lord. You will receive strength to move on.

The life we live in can change suddenly from good to bad, from tears to joy, but one thing remain constant, ‘the goodness of God.’

Smile and remember what God did. Now stand up and encourage someone in this difficult phase of your life.

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God The Digital King

They call themselves the digital generation. Yes, the digital generation indeed. What they do not know is that God is the king of digital.

When Jesus died on the cross, He signified the end of slaughtering of animals to be used as sacrifice and through Him we no longer need to carry around animals to the altar. All we need to do is kneel anywhere, at home or at work or in the toilet and let our requests know to God, isn’t that digital enough?

In a beautiful generation like this that is here today, we make a mistake of thinking salvation and the things of God are old school. In fact woe unto the unbelievers because the old school syndrome is in them, the bible says when one gets saved, then the old is gone and behold the new is come.

Being proud and rejoicing in the joy of the Lord is something this digital generation should cultivate. When Jesus comes He separates darkness and brings a light in our life that makes us glow with radiance.

He who believes in Jesus shall not perish but will have eternal life. Check how you live my dear digital bother or digital sister. The time is coming when the truth and the lie will be made separate, stand with Jesus, the truth, the way and the life. I see some of my readers exuding some negative vibes when I write about Jesus and when I share my testimony of victory in Jesus.

The truth is I am indebted to this Jesus for the Love He has continuously shown me. Today realize my fellow digital friends that Jesus is the author of the digital life you are enjoying today. Turn to him and lets all sing glory glory to God on High.


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The Journey Of A Dreamer

Dreams dreams dreams… and more dreams. So how do dreamers look like? Today I am fully convinced that any journey of a dreamer is riddled with difficulty, rejection and people closest to them not understanding them.

If you have dreams and aspirations of making it big in any field of life, then know you have declared war with the devil. he will try with all his ‘might’ to destroy you. This is actually a strong indicator that your dream is a very good thing that will benefit lots of people.

The journey of a dreamer put the likes of Joseph in the Bible into great trouble. His brothers decided to sell him off as a slave so that they could do away with the dreamer, what they forgot however is that the dreamer kept living on. Joseph eventually made it and became a powerful man in another country, though it was not a walk in paradise but the dreamer finally made it.

We all have dreams, but few of us can endure the struggle of following our dreams to completion. Stand to be counted and make it to the Promised Land.

Many years back when I thought of writing, I felt like it was mission impossible for me. Today I am writing and reaching thousands of people with my writing. I am with the help of the Holy Spirit finding new thoughts every day to write them down and share with the world. I am spreading hope and to the cast down Jesus is using me to lift them from their shadows of despair.

Dreamers sometimes appear like crazy men and women who are just harboring crazy ideas about crazy things. If you have a dream move on with it, use the small resources you have to start. Do not wait for tomorrow or the day before, remember you will ripe in due time if you do not give up.

I am passionate about dreamers who do it for God, because service to God is service to man. Strive to achieve not for selfish gains but for service to humanity. Today say, “I am a dreamer made to prosper in the land of the living.”

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The Wait Test

Standing here at this beautiful place, I cannot imagine how it took so long to be here. On the far right side I see the beauty of the well kept but strangely calm flower beds, they seem as if whispering to me, “you stood the wait test”.

I am so overwhelmed by this beauty and as I walk on this concrete pavement towards the other side of my beautiful place I see words written on a billboard that stands some distance away “THE WAIT TEST”. OH! I am awakened by someone knocking on the neighbor’s door, it was just a dream, I give a sigh! But this is not JUST a dream; it is the story of life.

How many times have we stood the wait test? Be it in waiting for someone to come or better still waiting on what we expect in life, our dreams or our aspirations?

It is funny how God has taken me through so many wait tests and I still cling on to him despite sometimes feeling He has forgotten about me. He is God and that’s why he says He won’t forsake us.

Will you stand the wait test? You remember the days when you had been promised by someone that they will give you something you would love to have? You waited patiently and hoped they will give it to you as soon as possible, and every time they visited you there you were curious to see if they honored their promise.

What about if they failed to give what they promised? You got discouraged and felt cheated. Now that is a human being, he/she can cheat but God will never cheat, no matter what His promises are YES and A BIG AMEN.

You waited and waited upon something you expected God had promised, because God may not speak to all of us in dreams or visions, He may put a passion in our heart as a sign of Him promising He will grow that passion in you into a big thing that will take you places. Ask yourself today, as much as God put that passion in your heart, how will it benefit God?

If you got a promise put in your heart in a form of a passion, learn how to use it for God’s glory. Sometimes God won’t fulfill our desires that He put in our heart because you want to use that desire selfishly in a way it won’t glorify God.

As you wait on God to fulfill His promise, learn to accept God’s molding so that eventually when He makes the dream come true, you will absolutely do it for His glory