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Those struggles need exposure, what do you mean? You ask rocking yourself back and forth in your not so bad swinging chair. Maybe you should now stop rocking and listen to this beautiful story.

My struggle with masturbation and pornography, has been something I have talked about in a couple of my articles. But today I am here to talk about my victory story, a story of patience and of waiting on God.

So during the August holiday after breaking for a two months holiday from university, I had a push to go to a youth conference and it was such powerful push that I just had to surrender.

It was a three day conference but I decided to go for one day, reasons best known to me (anyway that’s not the point). I sat there receiving from God through the amazing preachers who spoke in that period.

Amazingly that afternoon we were to have group fellowships, this means different young people of different age groups were to be put in groups and discuss with older men and women of God of their different challenges and to seek answers to some of their struggles.

So in that moment, I felt the Holy Spirit whispering to me to speak out concerning my struggle, and fortunately I did! I asked a simple question of how young people could stand against masturbation and pornography, and boom! As the men of God spoke I felt the power of the Holy Spirit transforming my life.

They simply told me and all the other young people to change the way we think, to focus our minds on God and allow the Holy Spirit to renew our minds. It was amazing because God has turned around my struggles to victory.

It is as simple as exposing it! What are you struggling with? Just find out older men in Christ or people who are grounded in Christ and share your struggle. Jesus is waiting on you to expose it, sin thrives best in secrecy.

May this article be a transformation to you. THANK YOU!


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He Cares About Me

Who cares about me? I would constantly ask. Today I am sitted at a corner away from the noisy crowd of people moving about and around. I think to myself, “these people are busy and they only care about each other, who cares about me?”

In a split of a second I feel someone speaking to my soul, “I care about you”. I look around me hoping to see my encourager, all in vain. The people around me are still very busy and I am with no doubt no one among them spoke to me.

Someone spoke and He said words that lifted by downcast face. He cares about me, God cares about me and He thinks about me constantly. He cares about me and so I will never ever get worried.

My life is in his hands and so I am not worried whatever might come my way. No one may never think about me, but like a good father, God cares about me and values me more than any other being in this world.

He cares about me and therefore I will proclaim His goodness to the world. Withholding nothing, I let go pain, hurt and rejection and accept God. He is all I need any day and anytime.

I am going to care for people out here in the streets of pain because God loves and cares about me.


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My Testimony

A disclaimer, this is my testimony of the amazing works of Jesus in my life.

He has given me peace which I cannot explain, there were times storms of life would hit me and would almost make me lose balance and grip of my life, but in the midst of all that I still found peace to rise above that.

He has taught me to love people, not only those who love me but at most to those who hurt me so bad. I still smile and continue to smile as I share the love through the smile.You deserve to smile

He has taught me forgiveness, I remember when the feeling of anger rose and I said to myself, “I won’t forgive Him; in fact He’s the one who hurt me.” He came to me and whispered, “so much I forgave your sins, so much you must forgive others too.”

He taught me humility. When I would feel justified to get what I thought was my right, he taught me to humble myself because He said to me in due time he will exalt me.

So much He has done this man Jesus and he continues doing. What more is impossible to Him?

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