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Put Your Voice Down

When we are angry or in disagreement with someone, we most at times raise our voices. A couple of months ago I had this happening to me, I raised my voice to someone and it hurt them so much.

So as a good Christian I recognized my mistake, I repented to God and apologized to them. This led to me thinking that perhaps keeping my voice down would have helped. Honestly I just don’t think but I know that. Putting our voices down should be our priority especially if we get angry.

In this world where times could be uncertain, so much pressure and hurtful experiences could occur to all of us, it is important to cultivate this skill; putting our voices down.

It simply arises from being able to have self- control; a fruit of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is in us as Christians and the seed of self- control in us, so therefore let’s allow the seed to grow so that even the world may see it.

Putting our voices down requires discipline and we can all have that discipline by allowing the Holy Spirit to take control of us.

Put your voice down for the sake of peace. When we argue or quarrel we give the devil a foot hold, but being of a self- controlled nature brings peace to everyone.


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Show People

This was me trying to say everything about how saved I was. A Christian boy washed with the blood of Jesus, but amidst all this talk of how saved I was, I realized this, “show people”. Why show them? I was puzzled.

Today I am doing my best to talk less and show people what salvation is all about. The Love I am with the help of Jesus trying to show people is what explains my salvation. The greatest thing about being a believer is being able to talk less and show the world what we are made of.

Loving people regardless of how sinful they might look is the greatest example Jesus has given the Church. We judge mostly as Christians and pretend we are gods in people’s lives; however, what I learnt in this life as a Christian is love. It is the greatest example a believer can change the world with.

Don’t be quick to explain your salvation to the world, just take a break! And silently do the right thing that Jesus has been the beginner of.

I stick around people who are not saved, and the greatest condemnation the devil has tried to put in me is that, “why don’t you tell them, you will go to hell”. I have always prayed to God that He might make me do things that will be admirable to the unbeliever.

Show people love which is the key ingredient to attract them to this beautiful salvation. Don’t waste your time on talking, do Jesus and the world will admire you and strive to know Jesus more.

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The Investment You Make

Books have been written about different life investments, be it land investment, property investments among many more investments, but books on a Christian investment are not as prominent as the former.

Today give me two minutes to let you know why it is important to invest as a Christian, but what investment? You ask curiously. I am here for you, now sit down, grab a glass of water and let’s explore this beautiful investment.

A Christian investment is the prayers, fasting and reading the word of God. Some Christians find it hard to spend time in prayer, in fasting and in reading the bible. I am who I am today because of such an investment. Time will come when you might not be able to pray, or fast or read the word, that’s when you realize the investment you made in prayer carries you through that moment.

I beseech anyone who is a Christian to make this investment. In a world where people are running for success and money, let’s be alert as Christians and realize the power of investing in our beautiful Faith.

The fasting I used to do when I was in high school carried me through a point in my life when all I wanted was to die. It was in those moments I felt I was almost being drown by the storms of life, but each time I thought I was going down my investment was a testimony of my standing with God.

Today invest in reading the word of God, each time you read the Word ensure that you seek the Holy Spirit to make you remember of that word in your bad days. That word you read can be the greatest strength you need 1 year from now.


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Bury In History Books

And that was his past. “What happened?” she asked. “That was a story long gone” he said, not paying much attention on her. This was his life now and if anybody cared to ask about his past, he would simply say, “That was a story long gone.” True to his word that was his life then, having lived that painful life which no one could wish for. And his life now? Well it was not heaven but at least it was not hell.

The years when he would live in the streets, in the corridors where people passed without looking back unless they used the same path to return. He was now 30 years old; a closer look showed he did not have a good life at a younger age. He was short in height, chocolate black in complexion, had that mockery smile, careless hands and his legs as if enduring carrying the weight of the whole body walked slowly.

He loved black suits and he constantly put on a coat even on a hot day to hide the scar on his arm and his friends threatened to remove the coat, but he would give them one stern look that made them quiver and shrunk in fear. Most of his days were busy and on a less busy day all the past life deeds came back to his mind and filled him with anger that made him cry like a small child, and constantly his secretary would ask “what happened?”

Today Mr. Man is walking in the same street he lived once, before a miracle happened and landed him in an office. Many years have passed since then and like any other person Mr. Man has tried to forget his past especially that painful past. He has constantly avoided this street. At least for now you know why, do you? This was his hell which tortured him and made him realize the other side of life, the bitter side, as bitter as the afflictions of hell.

Today the street is busy and everybody is making ‘ends meet’, it is hot, noisy and the smell of a mixture of everything hits ones nose and with one last effort you sneeze your lungs out. Mr. Man was among the well dressed people to pass that street today, he was on foot and he had come on ‘official duty’ if to say.

The path is crowded and most people are on foot. Allow me to describe the street please, will you? Let’s call it street X, street X is sandwiched by a long line of buildings on each side and outside each line of buildings there is a long corridor. Mr. Man is using the long corridor on the left side of the street. Vehicles using this street are moving up while others moving down I am not a good illustrator, but at least you have an idea, Good.

In his ups and downs, he meets this person, the person recognizes him, gives him one envy look and at the top of his voice starts shouting, “look at this man, he was a beggar here, poor and useless he was, now that he thinks he is rich, he comes here to laugh at us, look at him only his clothes make him look better but inside him, he is poor, dirty, isolated…” the man rattled on and on. Mr. Man like if had a wound pricked could not hold himself, the pain he harbored in his heart now laid bare could not carry it any more, he felt his head spin and passed out…

Our past should remain in the past and no one should carry it to our present. Everyone should learn to leave the past in the past especially the painful past. When we revive the bad past of others, we torture them and they pass out, think of it if it were you, let the bad past remain in the books of history. Bad history brings no happiness to any one.

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That good thing requires a “thank you”, and that bad thing, what then does it deserve? A curse or an insult? To the good and bad it all requires a bit of patience, a bit of love and as if it is not enough a bit of endurance. To the masters of good, they would say good does not require patience and endurance, but to my disagreement I think before good happens patience and endurance is required. Through tough, thick and hard times, it would not be reasonable to say “thank you” and show gratitude, but to the good and sweet it is very much reasonable to say “thank you”, and to me a great question mark is all what I will just express!


It all happens that peace and joy comes only in the so called “good” times, but it also happens that cursing and hating comes only in the so called “bad” times. I once encountered a real story of two people, one laughed and made merry on the “bad” days and to me that was shocking, on the “good” days was extremely happy and merry made even more. The other foolish one only showed a smile on the “good” days and to my even great shock cried and wailed during the “bad” times. Such a great contradiction! I thought aloud.
Not a weakness to cry in your bad days and smile in your good days, but why not be happy or let me say try being happy and jovial in those days you do not deserve even to show a smile and even in your good days rejoice even more, that to me is such great thanksgiving and that you should offer always. It is a hard hitting world, it hits until you cannot hold it anymore, you call for revenge, but to your disappointment after your revenge you hurt even more. However hard someone or something hits you, don’t worry, in thanksgiving, rejoicing and being happy you become such a great winner, a winner not in a race of losers, but a winner in the race of winners.
It becomes a wonder and a pleasant shock when a group of people or a person gets happy in their lowest moments, but is that not true happiness? Enduring in pain? But yet the people of this world will get shocked when with a joyful and thanksgiving heart you smile in trouble, they would rather wish for you to be gloomy all the days of your pain and trials, but to you I say, “be happy in trouble, and even more happy in good times.” You must be a victorious person to say “thank you” in pain that is what you are, they would rather get distressed in trouble but to you show happiness in trouble.
A walk of the strong is always filled with pain and gloom but to the one who walks in pain with a “thank you” and such great joy, he/she gets an iron heart, for you it is a thank you note that should keep you going. Walking and reading a thank you note always keeps a strong person like you forever strong. A thank you note is that good reflection of good things you got so far or you deserve to get in future, a great thank you note has a vision, has patience, has kindness and has forgiveness.

To the race of “thank yous”, you have to keep alert, unless you never say another “thank you”, remember the thank you note, it talks of four major elements that makes the strong move, it is not easy to carry with you the four elements of the thank you note but I an optimistic person, believe that you will carry with you that great thank you note.

Remember, with thanksgiving comes joy, not the joy that comes and goes, but that permanent joy that lasts forever. Remember also a thanksgiving heart carries a thank you note, in good and bad times, just breath in and out and say “thank you.”

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More Than A Handsome Guy

I thought giving the title “the mind of a handsome guy” is too narrow so I choose “more than just a handsome guy” as the title of this captivating article.

These handsome guys come with a set of different features that are just too striking that ladies or even some men cannot take their eyes off them. They are those guys that ladies who hang around them have a class of their own.

However the grass is not green as it looks on the part of this handsome men. If for example we get tired of their looks, what more could they offer? Because after everybody is tired of looking at their striking features people search deeper to get the handsomeness in them not on them.

On the contrary when one searches deeper inside these “handsome men”, some of them do not have anything more inside of them but are just the normal fuckboys who can’t hold their sexual emotions even for another full second.

You know, what makes you stand out is not how handsome or good looking a man you are, but it is the more you have inside of you.

One thing I have noticed with handsome men is that, some of them are so wasted inside of them and what we only see and admire are their beautiful faces. One thing in life is not how ugly or handsome a man looks, it’s that inner handsomeness that matters.

Sometimes I see good looking men who are so into drugs, and I think to myself, probably they grew up being told how handsome they were and never built their inner self, and so when people stopped telling them they are handsome they wasted off.

A handsome man needs to build their inner self first. As a handsome man, you need to start reflecting on yourself and ask, “If I was not handsome, what would become of me?” that question will awaken you and slowly you will feed your soul with inner confidence and beauty.

At the end of the so called day, good looks are admirable and one can become a model, but not everyone can be. Everyman whether good looking or not needs to build their inner self and God will always be a helper to build your inner self.