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Magnifying God More

Who do you magnify? I mean if you magnify your weakness you will become even weaker, if you magnify your strength then a great warrior you will become.

Magnify your strength that is, God. Oooh that’s not easy though. Magnifying God means praising Him even in the midst of your struggle, now that’s hard.

It is hard to say “God is good” when you are hurting. It takes little strength however to say “God does not love me”

When we say the negative about God, we magnify the devil and thus fail in our walk as Christians. Magnifying God even in our problems means we are growing more mature in Him, and this makes Him smile down on us.

I will praise God in my downs and it is my prayer you will too. When we learn the art of always agreeing with God, we receive more peace and more spiritual strength.

I hope you will Magnify God More Today. Have a nice day.


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“looks don’t matter, it’s how hard you work to achieve what you want” This is a saying that anybody would like to hide behind, especially when it comes to how beautiful or handsome you are to snatch your dream job or build your career. But before hand, what is this handsome, beautiful and better- looking face? And do how you look ever become a key to your ability to perform better in an organization? My lecturer once said she was denied a job because she was not the light- skinned lady the company wanted. That was a pleasant joke then, I laughed all my heart out not leaving a trace of it in me.

Beauty lies in the bear holder, but also lies in the beholder, him or her that tastes the beauty. The traditional way of describing some men as tall, dark and handsome is probably misplaced in a setting where “it lies in the beholder/bear holder.” Let’s not drift too far, let’s all sit down in class, on the rough seats, am the teacher, and I ask each of you; what do you describe your ideal woman or man whom if I say “Go for the beauty” you will probably walk and say “excuse me, could we share a coke?”. I have two girls and a boy in my class (the rest skipped school today. Their parents probably want to kill me ‘politically’). The two ladies as they say go first. There goes this one girl who says her ideal, sweet, kind, generous ooh… man, she says this rolling her milky white eyes, shaking her body in a swaggish way, “I need a tall, dark and handsome man, who will…” I told her to stop, did you hear me? She is feeling quiet romantic.

My next lady looks at me in a wonder, she forces a smile, and it seems she is totally uncomfortable with this topic. “I need a short, light-skinned, and…” she finds it difficult to finish the tormenting words. I am a no gender teacher so I walk to where she is and I hug her tightly, she lets tears flow down my shoulders, she later tells me she remembers her deceased father, he fits exactly the cut- short description of her ideal man, I listen to her story between sobs, we hug each other again.

My third ‘patient’ is this gentle, shy little man; he has quiet eyes, a peaceful smile and shaky hands. He probably fears a no gender teacher; would you be comfortable around a no gender person? He looks at me, holds my looks in his restless eyes and in such a great hurry he says, “I wish you were a woman, you fit the description of my woman.” Am annoyed, I quit teaching, I better be jobless than get my no gender status become the source of my ridicule.

That was then in my youthful days, now in my old age I ask, what do you consider beautiful or handsome in a woman or man? According to THE ELITE DAILY, passion defines a woman more than looks, a girl who gets excited about things, lives for things and holds things close to her heart; this according to THE ELITE DAILY is a girl worth knowing. THE ELITE DAILY which is the voice to generation-Y and premier online news platform, also talks about a woman who does not fight for the limelight, but is naturally endowed among other qualities is worth taking the ‘beautiful’ title home. An unverified study however says a woman is beautiful because of the beautiful state of her mind and her physique.
The most critical task of defining a handsome man is here. Women need to speak up at least, men need to know. This is one big task on my shoulder, but one thing I say “it is personal”.
So why talk about a personal feeling? Because if affects our very self being, our esteem and for the greater picture our own lives. When we get ‘discriminated’ on the basis of a ‘personal’ feeling, should we ignore then? I won’t talk about a better-looking face, because it exists not. A perfect being we are, created from an image of a perfect being, good and adorable we are so tell the evil council in your head saying, “this is good-looking and that is ugly” to stop the outdated discussion. Have you ever been confronted with a situation that requires the next person to help? Then you realize how each one of us is so sweet, good-looking, beautiful, cute and so cool. The appreciation of a being is the point. IS IT HOME, DRY AND SAFE?

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They walk in packs; needless to say of the desperation they carry with them every step of their way.


They have something in common that binds them together and makes them look like they are in a mission.

A mission to take in as much illegal stuff as they can to be able to survive in the bondage they have been subjected to by the devil.


I have been observing these guys, they are of between the age of 19 to 24 and they all have completed their form four studies and because of the desperation they have turned to bhang smoking among other hard drugs to cool the nerves of despair.

This is the drug squad; they walk with a bounce because they feel they have taken over the world. I am lost without words as I see brothers sinking into drug addiction.


Today I will call them my brothers because they are people I have known since childhood and we have talked and laughed together, we went to the same schools and they come from my area.

I cry for this generation of which is slowly sinking into drug trafficking as a way of survival, they probably like all other youth have been told they are no jobs thus the desperation.


I cry for them because they have all it takes to take our country to the next level of innovation and in achieving our vision 2030.

I cry out for help on behalf of them because I see them using their energy to build a nation instead of using their energy to use and traffic drugs.


It is hard to take this bitter pill that my hands are tied and that I cannot help them, I am going to help them because they are my brothers.


Youth are getting into drug use and we sit back and think it’s not our responsibility; you and me who are sober minded can help a brother or a sister to come out of drug usage.


Do something, talk to those drug users and drug traffickers to stop the illegal drug businesses.


I am doing my role in writing to them to see a productive life away from drugs. What are you doing?

I pray that God would change the hearts of this young men and women to desist from drug usage.


Kindly say this prayer with me. “Dear Lord Jesus, we come before you crying out for a generation, Jesus you are the healer, heal our youth and give them a new beginning all over again. We step into your love and power so that you may make our youth righteous and may they desist from drugs. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN”