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Looking Back

Moving forward and never looking back. As hard as the statement sounds, looking back should be a no- no. I mean if you choose to forge ahead, why are you concerned with what is behind?

I started looking back recently and the effect of that was unbearable. I was almost tripping off and falling into self pity.

Today I am focused, eyes on the price and firmly moving forward is the new ME! I started looking back at what had not worked and slowly I started losing the fight.

Remember Lot’s wife in the bible. He looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. Why a pillar of salt? May be you would know why. It means that when God commissions us to journey with Him, He wants us focused on Him and not get distracted.

Never looking back is my new motto. I am going to look at Jesus and not see the storm that surrounds me.

Jesus has gone before us and therefore we do not need to start looking back. As I you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, nothing shall be fall you and you shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

Stand strong and do not dare look back!

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The Love I Feel

Laughing as a crazy person I am. What you do not know is how uncontrollable the Love I feel can be. Today walking in the streets of love, I am prompted to talk about it and like all Spirit filled Christians will do; I obey this small still voice.

The love I feel is not just an article it is a personal testimony. I have tried to find out from other Christians if they feel the same about this love. Its like I am the only one feeling this love.

I grew up with low self-esteem and sometimes I would feel depressed, but they were unexplainable moments when I would feel some warmth and like some love poured in my soul I would feel relieved from pain and depression.

I grew in a situation where I thought I was not worthy of anything or anybody, but like an unexplainable story I would feel someone lifting off my unworthy state and put a special kind of worthiness.

The love I feel is so Jesus like. He lifts my soul and gives me a brand new song. I will never ever be able to explain to anyone how peaceful I am even in the midst of storms. This is a personal testimony, it might resonate with you or not.

I am loved, why not then give out this Love? Feel free to seek this love from me. Email me on and be sure to know why.

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Those Who Have Gone Before Us

In one of my articles in, I wrote an article called “respect a step higher.” Today’s article is not about that but something similar to that.

I am a young man growing up in ministry and passionate about Jesus and His word. However there are people who have gone ahead of me. These are the spiritual dads and mums. I have realized recently that some young people are not honoring enough those who have paved way for them.

The Holy Spirit stirred this up and He put this word in me. Those who have been before us in ministry are to be respected and honored. They might appear as if they are old, but the fire of the Holy Spirit is still burning in them.

Young people respect these men of God. One pastor for the longest time had a small church, which had a small congregation. One day another younger pastor who had a larger church sought him out for a clarification on why after so many years of ministry He was still not ‘growing’.

Interesting this pastor told Him how God had allowed him to raise great men in ministry though he had a small church. This was amazing because if this younger pastor despised this older pastor, he may never have known how God’s Spirit was using him to raise great men.

Those who have gone before us should be honored because they raised us the spirit filled generation. Today acknowledge your spiritual dads and mums.

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This Relationship

I have been struggling with pornography and masturbation for the longest period now. So a few days ago I was flipping through the channels and here I was at Family TV, a Christian TV station.

There was this pastor preaching and at first he was not interesting. Then as he continued preaching he touched on his life in ministry and his struggle with pornography. All my attention was caught and put down the things I was doing and focused.

He talked of how he struggled with pornography even as a pastor, he prayed and even called for deliverance from a fellow pastor but all in vain nothing happened and he felt shuttered. His wife was in the dark about his struggle and he feared to be condemned if anyone knew his long guarded secret.

Then God revealed to him how he longed for a relationship with him, he realized he was not focusing on what God was feeling about this despicable act but was only focusing on what people would think of him.

He read John chapter 14 and he realized God was urging him to have a relationship with him that would make him not want to annoy God, because he wanted to maintain the relationship.

After nine months, he fasted for four days and at the end of the fasting he was delivered and was set free. This great testimony touched my heart. I thought to myself that maybe I did not have a relationship with God. I fear God instead of regarding him as a father who wanted me to love him more and not want to grieve Him with my deeds.

Today I am yearning for a relationship with God and slowly I am seeing a change in my life. I know God is faithful and will not disappoint me because I have trusted in Him.

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Every Area Of My Life

Total surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit has been something I struggled with for a long period of time, till I finally decided I am going to fully surrender to Him and see what would happen to me.

For me surrender was a big word, which sounded like giving your power to someone who you were not sure they would take care of me if I surrendered to them.

So here I am after the surrender and unbelievably things are working more than just fine. The power of the Holy Spirit is working immensely in my life, I feel I come alive every single step of my walk with God and Him (the Holy Spirit) breathing in me has been awesome!

For Christians surrender to God is the most difficult thing, many Christians are afraid and they tremble at the words ‘surrender to God’.

Today as a Christian realize that the more you surrender to God, to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more the spiritual blessings in your life and abundance in every area of your life.

I am living free from condemnation, shame, sin and guilt by simply surrendering to the Holy Spirit.


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Why I Write

I have tried to find the answer to this question for the longest time now, “why do I write?” I have written over 50 articles since two years ago when I started this writing affair. I think maybe I write because I want money or maybe to be seen as a person who is just doing something with their free time.

It has not been easy, it has never been a walk in paradise, I have cried over this and I have at one time hated God because I put blood, sweat and tears on this and what do I get? Frustration and no money in my account.

One guy once said writing is a dog’s work, I have heard enough of how I am never going to make it in this field of being a writer and it has hurt me. They said this field has its own experts who make money out of it and make it big. Here I am again still writing and will write some more.

I remember when I started writing I used to walk quiet a long distance to be able to access internet to at least post my articles, under the scorching African sun I would walk. Sometimes I would find the cyber closed but I would not give up. I still do not give up, check it is my website and you will realize how hard I have worked to put such great content.

I started writing after I got bored sitting the whole day at home and going to class in the evening to attend my classes in the university, I am a student at Technical University of Mombasa, located at the coast in Kenya, I am currently in my fourth year first semester doing my degree in journalism and mass communication.

So where was I? yeah I was bored sitting home the whole day with nothing to do, my first article was on the gay people, check it on it’s called the other side of the coin and I wrote it because I had so many questions on why anybody would choose to be gay.

So I started there and slowly God has given me strength to move on to this website and meet a larger audience, I am still not earning anything from my writing and the question of giving up writing still comes to me.

Maybe you have followed my article since I started two years ago in 2015, do you think my writing has made a difference in your life? Because the more I write I realize that I do not need money when someone’s life is not being transformed with my writing. Read through my articles and kindly give feedback on what you think my articles have done in your life.

I am born again, a saved brother in Christ Jesus and I love you my reader so much. I would love you to realize I just don’t write because I want anything more from you but want a positive transformation to happen in your life. Share this article and all my articles with your friends and family and tell them about this website.

I would love your feedback, I write for you and I am doing this for God. Even if I don’t get money from this I don’t sleep hungry or lack in any way, at least I get food and have so much peace knowing I am doing it for Jesus.

I write because God tells me so, I am His servant and you too can serve Him by doing what He tells you to do. Support me as I take this article writing ministry to the next level.

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Me The Masturbator

When I was nine years old, I felt somehow I had started getting sexually aroused; it was the onset of my adolescent period.

Each time I felt sexually aroused by ‘anything’ I would wonder, what should I do? This was my struggle and I thought what was happening was just occurring to me alone.


In no time I started rubbing the area that was reacting to my arousal, my penis. It felt good and I would occasionally put my hand in my trouser and rub myself with so much pleasure, but this was not the normal pleasure.


Something started happening each time I would rub myself, some small watery fluid would emerge from my penis and all over suddenly I would feel some satisfaction and my pleasure would end.

By the age of eleven years old I was now on Vaseline and lubricants, however each time I would lubricate my penis, masturbate and some watery fluid would emerge I felt so dirty, which for me felt very strange because according to me I was just having fun.


When I was twelve years old, I felt so much in love with this girl who was extremely beautiful. I could not however tell her I was in love with her; I later came to learn that what I was feeling was called a ‘crush’.

Reasons for not sleeping with women to ease myself from masturbation was that, I was a Christian and for that matter a saved one. No one talked of masturbation in church but they all talked of not sleeping with women before getting married.


I remember envying some community I read in my social studies class that married at the age of between nine to thirteen years old. I felt I should get married and have as much sex as possible.

Years went by and I continued masturbating, worried whether I should stop, but I could not because it was sweet. It was the only sure way to ease oneself from sexual arousal and not get someone pregnant or getting infections.

images (3)

In high school people joked about how some guys used Vaseline to ease themselves, everybody would laugh but inside of me I felt guilty of not maintaining sexual purity.

I went to all Christian union meetings and rallies with none talking of masturbation, it was as if it never affected Christians or even better saved people of the Lord.

It is not easy to live a life of masturbating, all I want is to live a clean live and to worship my God with purity, but how does someone get out of it?

I know they are people with stories to tell on this struggle, how did you overcome it? Or does it not exist?

I just want to live a masturbation free life.

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Fire In His Eyes

When I look into his eyes I see fire, a fire that cannot be contained anymore. I fear the fire in him may explode inside of him and cause self destruction.


The fire of wanting to be an achiever is burning through his eyes, and before a fire explodes in someone out here I thought to write an article that will help a brother or a sister in the streets of life.

The first day I met him, he was quiet and seemed collected. In no time we became buddies and slowly he started opening up on his chronicles of wanting to achieve. He wants things done and wants to waste no time in achieving his set goals.


He is now 18 years and he is doing his first degree in Journalism and mass communication. He tells me that all he wants to do is to achieve, impact so many lives and probably leave a legacy in this world.

Little is said about him though, because he has not “achieved” his dreams, he wants to do something at this very moment to be able to stand out among his fellows.


At this moment am sitted with him and I feel he is growing impatient with the dreams and visions boiling inside of him. I choose to intervene and I try to help him with a piece of my wisdom. I tell him there is something beautiful in him that would “change the world”.

He looks up through my eyes and smiles. I proceed to tell him that in life one always has to wait, in this world we have to wait to get at something.

There is something called destiny and for each one of us there is a beautiful future, but we choose to give up when we fail to focus on God.


God has everything planned for us and it is all good and nice. Giving up is a choice we choose to take because we think our beautiful destiny is taking years to come. Some people indulge in drugs and in the process tend to miss opportunities when their time has come.

Growing up everyone had those big goals of becoming great men and women, but as we proceed with life the hope of a better future dies inside of us. One thing is that the devil is always on your case and tries to either kill or divert your destiny.


As youth learn to trust in God, don’t trust in people for connections. God has already set a beautiful future in your life and he always wants you to trust in him for your achievements.

Life could be hard and some may lack support and their family backgrounds may not favor their success.


We can always look up to Jesus, fix our eyes unto him and believe in him more.

Again let’s wait on God as we believe. Everything in life takes time. Pray and fast more and rest your soul as you wait on God’s promises because his promises are yes and amen.


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She Keeps Coming Back

She keeps coming back after we all think she’s gone. She comes back to her husband who is endlessly kicking her and giving her a blow almost every day of her torturous week.

When women get assaulted by their husbands, some still choose to remain and seem not to see the potential death threat they are living with every day of their lives.

One woman for instance, has always attracted my attention. She lives close enough to home and her life seems to revolve around violence from her husband who has turned her to a punching bag. The villagers have tried talking to her to leave this husband, but she keeps coming back even after we all think she has left the husband for good.

The reason she keeps coming back, is not that she likes the kicks and blows, but she thinks her husband is able to sustain her. Sometimes I look at both of them (the woman and the husband) and I think it is romance on a new level.

Kenya as a country is constantly talking about the fight against domestic violence, but when we dig deeper into some marriages, it looks like some are “enjoying it”.

Not to speak of husbands who are being assaulted by their wives, but they are quiet enjoying life under the able “wife” who provides everything.

The message to give wives and husbands who are still in marriages which are violent is that, they should either walk away or if they are enjoying their lives, they better not kill one another.

Domestic violence has always been real. If the husband and wives have kids I can only imagine the torturous experience the kids are subjected to.

I have seen in some movies where kids are fed up with the wrangles between their parents and they sit them down and talk to them. In an African set up, can a kid sit their father or mother and tell them to stop fighting? I doubt. What then should kids do?

If you are a husband or wife in a marriage full of violence, you need to make a decision. Either choose life and walk away or choose death by remaining.

The choice is always with them who face such violence, some feel if they walk away they may not be able to sustain themselves. Come on! If God feeds the birds in the air what more would he do to his son or daughter who needs him or her urgently? Don’t be naïve and help yourself out.

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My Confession Part 2

When I first thought of writing this confession, I thought calling it, “me as a light pornographic watcher” was to be the best title for this article.

However after realizing I had conquered my struggle, I set myself up, put on my jumper and off I started writing.

After finishing form four and stayed home for a while (like 8 months), I realized I had started fantasizing what sex felt like, because I had never engaged in real sex and so me at 17 years was puzzled about the fun of it.

is (9)

It was in this situation of wanting to know, that when my mum bought me my first phone, I quickly goggled the word “sex” and immediately went to the images section.

It felt it was not satisfying goggling only “sex”, within no time I was on naked men and later moving on to naked men fucking, naked gay men fucking and all that filth that led to masturbation.

is (8)

All this time, as a saved boy in Christ. However my story was not like most pornographic watchers, who would watch moving images, mine was on still images and I stuck at that.

is (7)

I felt I was only watching naked men and that’s all. I would constantly pray after watching such on my small screen phone and would ask God for forgiveness.

It was on this sticky muddy ground that I heard of one pastor, pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church preaching on God channel and speaking the message of grace.

is (11)

I had bumped into him sometime back, but was not interested to listen to him. However when I was alone I found his preaching enjoyable to listen to.

He did not condemn me like other preachers would do, but he spoke like a father and his warmth in his preaching is what drew me closer to his ministry.

He would preach on the message of grace and at one time he talked of addictions, and he said that it was through the righteousness of Jesus to us that people can be freed from addictions.

is (12)

I slowly started praying this prayer, “Jesus, I step into your righteousness, make me righteous as you, and may your grace be sufficient for me. Amen.”

It was a simple prayer but Jesus started working in amazing ways in my life, I am still saved and enjoying Christ every single day, and above all freed from watching pornography.

is (13)

You can also say the prayer above, and accept Jesus Christ in your life; he will free you from all addictions.

You can call or text me on 0708395730, and also check out for my confession part 2.