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You Are Not The Only One


When we go through something uncomfortable, we might think we are the only ones going through it. The body of Christ (Christians) throughout the world is going through a challenge even now!

You are not the only one. I realized recently that Christians are connected in spirit; therefore if one Christian overcomes something then we all overcome. We are one body as a church.

Stop wallowing in self pity and focus on Jesus. Standing with other Christians, let’s realize we are fighting one battle. Encourage one another in prayer, in words and in actions. We are not isolated individuals; we are firmly held together in Christ and with one unity let’s press on.

You are not the only one going through an addiction, low self esteem or rejection. If you overcome believe it or not, a Christian somewhere has overcome too.

We are surrounded with a great cloud of witnesses, and therefore they cheer us on. Keep putting more effort and building your spiritual muscle (reading the word of God).

You are not the only one my friend.

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The Joel Osteen Situation

Months ago when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, Texas and things hit rock bottom. One man had the heat turned on Him. He was accused of not opening his Lakewood Church to displaced people and the world threw stones at him for not acting ‘godly’.

This man was Joel Osteen. He tried explaining to the world that they too were taking safety measures to ensure the church was not flooded, but they did not understand still.

He said the location of the church had a history of flooding and that taking people in could be risky. He later opened the church after He thought the time was right. The church hosted the displaced persons and it was well.

In the midst of this accusations, were Christians who in their own wisdom threw a stone at Him. It was as if Joel Osteen and them were on opposing sides. This was shocking to me, to see the church divided and disintegrating while the world cheered on.

The unity of the church is at stake, lets choose to stand by one another. Castigating other Christians or Men of God in a way that makes the church becoming a laughing stock should be avoided.

We are one body of Christ, sticking together at this times is more that important for the strengthening of the church. When we feel justified to shout down a fellow Christian, without first trying to understand them is a mistake we should avoid at all costs.

We should stand together to win more souls to Christ and not judge others. A true mark of Christianity is to Love regardless of anything or any circumstance.

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Holding Loosely

Holding it loosely; so here we are again writing this beautiful article together.

It is important to let go and let God. We sometimes cling too much on things we are supposed to let go.

My life has been with no doubt got some moments where I tried too much to hold on things I was supposed to let go. So I suffered not knowing it was all vanity and being able to let go was the most important thing then.

Where we hold things loosely we allow God to take away what we don’t need, and replace it with what we need. What we need may not necessarily look good and we sometimes keep holding unto what we think we need, and in the process loosing what we actually need.

In a life of a believer, God is extremely loving and sometimes He takes away some things for the benefit of us. We instead decide to throw tantrums and unless we allow ourselves to listen to the Holy Spirit, we might feel annoyed with God instead of appreciating His love for us.

From experience, I was forced to let go some relationships because that was the right thing then. I was not immediately convinced it was the right thing to do, but today I am more peaceful, joyful and enjoying life.

Some things we need to fight for, but some things we don’t need to. Listen to the Holy Spirit and be able to discern what you need to let go, and what you need to fight for.


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Showing Our Nakedness

I was to write this a couple of weeks back. I was at rest however waiting on God’s timing. Here I was reading this old rusty bible and alas! I came across this book called John chapter 21 and here I was on focus.

It talked of an appearance Jesus made at the shore where His disciples were fishing. This appearance was among the ones He did to His disciples after His resurrection. The disciples had not caught any fish throughout the fishing process. Jesus called out to them to throw their nets in the sea even though they had not known it was Him.

Obviously they caught fish and that’s when they realized it was Jesus. Interestingly Peter was naked, and when He realized it was Jesus He immediately put on his clothes and jumped into the sea and presuming swam towards Jesus.

That for me got this revelation, why was Peter not worried all through when he was naked with the other disciples and only felt naked when He saw Jesus?

The Holy Spirit then gave me this revelation that it was indeed true that Jesus wants us exposed, yet as Christians we cover up when we approach Jesus. In that chapter it continues to show Jesus asking Peter if he indeed loved Him. This was interesting because if we keep hiding the nakedness in us which includes our brokenness it raises questions if we actually love Jesus.

Jesus wants us exposed. If we love him we will be more willing to show up our brokenness without hiding. Jesus wants you so much and He wants us to expose ourselves so that he may come through for us.

Today show your nakedness to Jesus He wants to heal you.

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The Creative Me

When I thought of doing the video promo I knew it was a hard thing. Everyone in the class was being their best at this assignment that meant marks in this unit called broadcast management. I was shuttered and I felt what about doing a simple thing, just picking images, inserting some music and writing words as a small video promo that would make sense.

We were doing a video promo that was to advertise a radio station we were to propose for the institution. This video promo was going to be marked and therefore something good was to be presented if good marks were to be awarded. It was in my fourth year first semester and I needed to pass this unit.

I was caught up with time and I did the promo the day of the submission, I woke up early morning and asked for God’s guidance and I hurriedly did what I thought was the worst thing I ever did. Come the time for the submission I did my best to ensure no one saw my pathetic video promo, unfortunately or fortunately it landed on someone’s phone and soon enough almost everyone in the class was viewing my promo.

Here I was feeling ashamed, to my utter surprise everyone was marveled by this promo and I could see envy as their checked my ‘beautiful promo’. The class was wowed by a simple promo that was eye catching with beautiful background music.

That got me moved by this turn of events. I thought how come we hate the things people love the most?

I am concerned with the creative minds that feel afraid of letting their works to the world, the creative people are sometimes the most secretive with their creative stuff and they hide their creativity away from the world.

I write a lot and most times I feel not worthy of writing, but I want to encourage you who is reading this creative piece, to rise up the creativity in you and with shaking hands do what it takes to put your work out here.

I am a creative guy, who are you?

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No Condemnation

“There is now no condemnation for those who are in the Lord”, and that’s so true.

The devil will be the best accuser when we fail as people who know the Lord, he will crush us with our shortcomings and try as much as he can to shutter us under his unable, powerless and weak wobbling feet. But as the Lord lives we are more than conquerors and He will forever live because He is the Alpha and Omega.

Our accuser, the devil will always find ways to condemn us with our past and sometimes as Christians we give in to his accusation and we feel condemned, and slowly we are weighed down with the burden of sins of the past which Jesus has already carried for us.

Today declare that you are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. So why are you cast down oh my soul? Ask yourself and lift your eyes to the Lord from whence comes your help.

My life has been riddled with such accusations, and I thought maybe it was the Holy Spirit condemning me. I however realized from amazing preachings from the pastors who feed me the word of the Lord that, when the Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins He points us to Jesus, but when the devil does the accusation he brings shame to us.

I broke loose of all the condemnation! And declared my righteousness in Jesus. Today I would love to beseech you my brother or sister that you should break loose of any condemnation that weighs you down and believe Jesus did it  all for you.

I am not encouraging people to dwell in sin, but I am encouraging you and you to dwell in Jesus and when you fail and fall off the path of righteousness do not feel condemned but dust off yourself and seek God’s forgiveness. Jesus loves you and will always forgive us.


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He wanted someone to be saved. He asked “whom shall I send?” then one among them stood and said, “send me”, and he was sent, he was meek and lowly, humble he was and despite coming from a rich place, he accepted to be born in a poor household, in a carpenter’s house. He became natural from being super natural, he did the ordinary yet he could do the extra-ordinary. Amazing he was, he was not a darling to many though, he had his own trials, pains and tribulations.

He became a hero after he conquered all, and he was crowned “The Son Of God”, to him/her who believed in him, he gave him/her the power to be called “The Son Of God” or “The Daughter Of God”. Many came before him and even after him and call themselves “The Messiah”, yet we know it is only one “Messiah” who through him we get salvation. To those who came before him prepared a way for him and to those who now claim to be him are probably “the second coming messiah”.

Pastors, singers and many more people stand in the gap, to represent him; they carry his light and perform what he would have performed by calling onto his name. To the “miracle workers” they attach their power to him, because he who believes in him and calls his name has the power to destroy scorpions and snakes under their feet. Like how he was sent, to the “miracle workers” they are also sent, they do not own any power they use, it is not theirs. Some claim to have the power to heal and chase demons in someone, but it stands the power in them belongs to Jesus only, not the devil, the devil has no power of his own, he was given, but to Christ he owns the power, because after conquering he is now a King, an obedient Son of God.

It is not an ordinary thing, to talk the things of spirituality; some find it funny to speak of God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit in this time and age. It is not funny; it is what defines us, our past, our present and our future. Have you heard of people who always praise the Lord during their victory? Even if their path to success was not guided by Godly principles?

To my quest for understanding, I stand to be counted blameless, to those who are given the power or supposedly lead people to Christ, should stand blameless. A pastor, a singer, a television or radio presenter who represents Christ should stand in holiness and straight living. Immorality should not be mentioned in you neither touch any part of you, because when you do so, you are like the person who has put on a white cloth, he/she is holy but the white cloth is tattered and around his/her legs, he/she is bound by chains and carries a heavy burden on his/her head, going in and out of the doors of Hell.

The story of the person who went to Christ at night, says the man afraid of being associated with Christ went to seek him at night. He was a wise man and despite the “evil” in him, he knew through confession and going to Christ, he would be saved. To those who hold strong positions and are afraid of being associated with the precious Jesus should borrow a leaf and go down on their knees at night, should put off the lights and whisper a repentance prayer.
To those who live a double-life, should realize they are not on either side, neither for Christ nor for the devil, I have a feeling when they die, they will be suspended on air because no one will take them. They too should repent.