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Do You Want Jesus To Throw A Party?

“If we do not give up, we shall reap in due time”, so shall we and everybody say Amen!

But don’t we think that we need more muscle? Muscle for what? We need a stronger spiritual muscle. A spiritual muscle that will keep us from giving up and in the end let Jesus throw a party.

Jesus wants to throw a party for you, but the problem is that you are giving up! I go through moments where I feel there is no hope, it is dark and I feel God has kept quiet.

Keep moving, eye has not seen nor ear heard what the Lord has prepared for you. Please let Jesus throw a party for you. Keep holding on and keep fighting the spiritual war.

The devil knows you are destined for good, he however won’t allow it. Resist him and he will flee from you.

I am standing on God’s promises and so should you. Jesus wants you my friend to conquer.

Please allow Jesus to throw a party if you don’t give up.

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Raised For This Generation

Do I mean anything for this generation? I think constantly as I carry on with my day to day activities. I feel a fire burning inside of me and as fast as lighting my thoughts are awakened.

“I am raised for this generation”, my heart leaps for joy. I am raised for this generation, are you? I am raised to carry on the fire of Jesus and with the contagious effect let it out to the world.

I thought God was done with me, but I realized He has not and in fact He has only started. I feel my heart yearning more of God and craving for His love day by day.

We are on fire for Jesus, I am shaking off every weight and I am swiftly marching on to possess what belongs to the body of Christ. We are made of God and we will rise above ourselves and together focus on the author and the perfector of our faith.

In the world that no longer believes in living up for God totally, I choose to leave a trail and like never before shine the light of Jesus to the world.

You are raised for this generation, with shaking feet you wobble and with shaking hands you sweat. Do not get discouraged, those who wait on God will keep rising and their youth will be renewed.

We are raised for this generation, put on your strength and lets march to the victory of this generation. God is always with you my friend.

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Do It Right

So God was annoyed with Adam and Eve and He drove them out of the Garden of Eden.

This is the same God who sent His son to die for the disobedient man, interesting scenarios I must say.

He did it right. What right did He do? You ask anxiously. He was annoyed with man, but He did it right.

Learning from this turn of events, I have realized that when we say it wrong, we do it right. But God was justified to get angry? Yes he was, but He realized that reconciliation with man was important.

Life has its ups and its downs too. Learn to be able to do it right after doing it wrong. Be the person who reconciles with the past and shakes off their ego and does it right.

Someone said that, the things we do wrong can be covered by what we do right after the wrong. Lets learn that we are imperfect being and making mistakes is a part of us.

Slowly cultivate resolving your past with your present. If you wronged someone, do it right by apologizing or acting in a remorseful way.

We make mistakes but here is another chance to do it right.


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He Sustains His Own

How many remember the story of the burning bush? Where Moses saw a burning bush, which was not being consumed? The revelation of this is that when we get the fire of the Holy Spirit we do not burn out in whatever ministry we are in. Ministry in itself is hard and harsh.

God has called us to it and I know that He indeed called me to ministry. Sometimes ministry is hard because of financial struggles and so much discouragement along the way. We sometimes feel like burning out but God rejuvenates us and makes us soar as eagles, we actually do not burn out.

Writing this article is an amazing testimony of God sustaining His own. I felt tired with this ministry a couple of weeks ago and I was almost stopping writing. Then God came for me and He whispered, “I sustain my own.”

What God grows He sustains. Do not get discouraged because whatever you are doing for God is not working, one thing for sure is that you will never ever burn out while serving God. Be at rest and know He is God.

Those who wait on God will receive new strength to keep doing what God has called them to do.

My God indeed sustains His own.

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Praying For The Unbeliever

Years back when I was in form two in high school, one guy who was in the same class as I was approached me and asked if I could pray for him because it was during an examination and he needed God’s guidance at this time.

I remember looking at him and declining his request because I felt he wasn’t serious, he begged jokingly for me to pray for him and I declined.

This incident was engraved in my heart for the longest period and I thought, ‘maybe he needed my help seriously.’ Years have passed and I still remember this as vividly as it happened a week ago. I thought probably he did not deserve God’s guidance and I arrogantly refused to give him a chance to experience the power of God.

Today I realize how important it is to pray for the unbeliever, they may approach a Christian jokingly asking for spiritual intervention and the Christian arrogantly turn them down.

Everybody deserves God’s mercies and being there as a Christian to pray for the unbeliever is more than important. Pray for a brother or a sister however unserious they might sound with the things of the Lord. Practice giving Jesus to the world unconditionally and experience how the power of God will transform lives.

I feel guilty till today but that has been a learning stone for me and I would never turn down anyone asking for me to pray for them today.

I pray for my enemies and the unbelievers so that they may finally see the light.


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Being An Introvert

I am the quiet guy who enjoys his own company. Yet some people find it hard to believe that introverts can actually be that different and still thrive in this world. Being an introvert has been a journey I have had to accept and learn how to cope up with the challenges that come along.

I have cried because I felt I could not make friends as other people would easily do, but in the midst of that season I found a new song, a song of victory and triumph. For me being an introvert was like a disease that needed immediate attention, and I got the attention and now I am healed completely. The scars of the old are gone and now I am focused on loving the Me that I am.

Personality is something really amazing that God imparted in us while still growing in our mothers’ womb. So beautiful is personality but so deadly is its handling. You could be introverted and feeling cast down like I was, then this is your article. Hold on and accept who you are.

Introverted people could be perceived boring, but to the introverts always be the sparkle that will fade away the boredom inside of you or around you. Sometimes in the journey of the introvert, it feels like a walk in the dark and the journey can be so difficult till you say, “I wish death comes.” One thing is for sure that night dwells for a season but behold day break comes with a song of praise.

I was stuck in that corner of lost hope and despair, but God picked me and molded me. Today I am a happy soul that still thrives in the midst of thorny ground. “I am made of God” I say while giving myself a part on the back. I let all the pain of feeling rejected go and give it to Jesus to carry it while I am made free.

Introverts are such amazing people, who have a very good vision that is in danger of being shattered by the devil. You can check through characteristics of being an introvert and learn why some people hate being introverts. One thing is for sure ‘INTROVERTS RUN THE WORLD’ be encouraged and be of calm mind dear introvert.

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Never Get Tired To Forgive

It happened to me a few days ago, when a feeling of not wanting to forgive started creeping in. I had lately started feeling that I have been forgiving people a lot.

Maybe someone would say a nasty word at me and I will almost immediately start remembering of the bad things he/she had said in the past that I had forgiven already. It was in this confusion and lack of direction that I felt God was calling out to me to forgive as much times as He had forgiven me of my iniquities. I heeded the call and I forgave all the people who had been a thorn to me in recent times.

That experience got me writing this article and I thought you need this so much. Maybe you are unstuck in this unforgiveness corner that you have made a hiding place. You think probably you have forgiven enough and now it’s time to revenge. Believe me it is never a good thing to revenge, be the bigger person and let it go…

When you forgive and smile at those who thought they had won the fight by crushing you, you actually make them feel miserable and they whisper at each other, “how come?”

It is not a very easy thing to forgive people but at least you can try and see how much God will bless you if for once you let people off your heart…

There is a phase that goes like this, if you resent people or a person in your heart, then it is likened to taking poison and expecting your enemies to drop dead! Wow, forgive and let go so that you are not imprisoned by people.


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That Was A Different Thing

We all came to agree that in life we have to compete, fight hard for the resources available, it is survival for the fittest; it does not call only for the strong and the outwardly well-built bodies that we use to fight it out in the battle of life; of life and death. It calls for reasoning, intelligence and many more elements that go beyond our physical strength; it is the mental strength.

All are prompted and urged to fight it out, when the fight is too hard some withdraw and call it ‘life’ others struggle and call it ‘heaven’ made down on earth, yet the ‘life’ callers go to the ‘heaven’ callers for a piece of their heaven. The ’heaven’ callers not to show their kindness and hide their survival for the fittest tactics, order around the ‘life’ callers to perform those tasks that will make the ‘heaven’ callers make a more heaven down here, where? The earth, the home of struggle which never ceases to amaze the ‘life’ callers, this earth was made to be hot, thirsty and hungry? But like men and women of wisdom, they made it cool, water full and a fruitful life and they said “That was a different thing.”

The guy was my friend and like soldiers in the battle field, we both were eager to fight it out, this was a life and death fight, we were fighting to survive and like soldiers we had our own tactics to fight this one common enemy which was our survival. We both got weary after a few minutes of fighting and we fell asleep, we slept that sleep that was not peaceful, a wake-and-sleep type of sleep after a few seconds of sleeping. We however forgot our survival enemy was running away for fear of us and our survival was running low. We would no longer continue sleeping and like fierce, angry and hungry lions we set off to get our survival enemy who was going away because that was the fighting technique.

Our survival enemy is like a big piece of bread and was meant to be picked and put in a sack full that will sustain our lives, surviving was the reason of the name and anyone who was unable to fill the sack then lost their survival. A friend and a friend we went after the survival bread, each of us used their own tactic to reach the survival bread faster, but unfortunately my friend lost the race because, “That was not a different thing.” I mean my friend copied and pasted.

“And that was life.” I gave a deep sigh, it was indeed life. When we are in the race of survival, no one needs to look at the person next to them, how he/she runs is none of your business, both you and me put forward our best foot needless to say of the pain we undergo while struggling to reach our survival, our destiny, our set goals and much more in life. Because nothing is as depressing as looking at what people do to reach your set goals.

Everyone and everybody has his/her own piece of the cake in life, it is all about toiling and perfecting what we were created to do and use it to build harmony, love, peace and a heaven. Everyone loves to look around for any idea left out to work on to survive, but then nothing is as bad as looking at what others do and instead of developing a new tactic, we imitate. Everybody does a different thing to get a different result and to create wide and varied elements to make a cool, water full and fruitful earth.

I did not say do what other people do but I said do the same thing but in a different way. Better and much better should you do a different thing. When we both do the same thing with the same formula we do not make a difference in life. Do something that everybody could say, “That was a different thing…”