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It Is Finished!

“IT IS FINISHED” He said boldly, with pain but with pure satisfaction. Jesus finished it all on the cross. So why the struggle? I ask always. Am not being held back by my pain, with pain but with pure satisfaction I say “It Is Finished.”

I am done with my fear, am done with pain and with all it takes I run boldly to my savior. He is calling me, He is saying “QUICK, COME TO ME”, I break out of my sin and I say loudly with faith as I run to Him, “Here I come my friend.”

Sweet Jesus, here I come, I have heard you have been calling for me. Am all yours, make me, mend me and heal my broken past. I look back no more, I stand to be counted, I let go the negative vibes and I now choose to live in his arms forever.

It is finished, at the cross it is done. What more is left of me, but to receive His forgiveness and an everlasting life. My God is not dead, He is surely alive and now I am alive because He is.

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I Am Just A Guy Who Loves God And Testifys The Amazing Works Of Jesus As I Share My Encounter Of The Great Love Of Jesus To A Forgiven Sinner Like Me. "It Is Finished". Be Part Of This Journey As You Accept Jesus In Your Life

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