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What’s Your Test?

Ezekiel in the bible was given a test by God, his wife was to die and he was not to mourn. It was his test to the children of Israel because God was to take away their most beloved things, their sons and daughters, the desire of their heart because of turning against the Lord.

That was his test, his wife died and he did not mourn, he passed his test. What’s your test? Everyone goes through a test because God wants to use it for his glory to show the world of his awesome deeds.

We especially go through a test if God is going to use us greatly, if we pass the test we become God’s children who have gone through the fire and have been purified.

The year for me started on a rocky note, full of tests and feeling downcast. Through it all I choose to put my hope in God, the storm is now over and God has purified me more and am more stronger and peaceful.

What’s your test? Conquer what you are going through by having hope in him. I remember in those tests I went through, I cried and lacked the greatest faith but I put the little faith I had in God and phew! the pain is gone and am more joyful.

What’s your test? Look to God and win this test you are going through.


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