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Those Who Have Gone Before Us

In one of my articles in, I wrote an article called “respect a step higher.” Today’s article is not about that but something similar to that.

I am a young man growing up in ministry and passionate about Jesus and His word. However there are people who have gone ahead of me. These are the spiritual dads and mums. I have realized recently that some young people are not honoring enough those who have paved way for them.

The Holy Spirit stirred this up and He put this word in me. Those who have been before us in ministry are to be respected and honored. They might appear as if they are old, but the fire of the Holy Spirit is still burning in them.

Young people respect these men of God. One pastor for the longest time had a small church, which had a small congregation. One day another younger pastor who had a larger church sought him out for a clarification on why after so many years of ministry He was still not ‘growing’.

Interesting this pastor told Him how God had allowed him to raise great men in ministry though he had a small church. This was amazing because if this younger pastor despised this older pastor, he may never have known how God’s Spirit was using him to raise great men.

Those who have gone before us should be honored because they raised us the spirit filled generation. Today acknowledge your spiritual dads and mums.


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