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Showing Our Nakedness

I was to write this a couple of weeks back. I was at rest however waiting on God’s timing. Here I was reading this old rusty bible and alas! I came across this book called John chapter 21 and here I was on focus.

It talked of an appearance Jesus made at the shore where His disciples were fishing. This appearance was among the ones He did to His disciples after His resurrection. The disciples had not caught any fish throughout the fishing process. Jesus called out to them to throw their nets in the sea even though they had not known it was Him.

Obviously they caught fish and that’s when they realized it was Jesus. Interestingly Peter was naked, and when He realized it was Jesus He immediately put on his clothes and jumped into the sea and presuming swam towards Jesus.

That for me got this revelation, why was Peter not worried all through when he was naked with the other disciples and only felt naked when He saw Jesus?

The Holy Spirit then gave me this revelation that it was indeed true that Jesus wants us exposed, yet as Christians we cover up when we approach Jesus. In that chapter it continues to show Jesus asking Peter if he indeed loved Him. This was interesting because if we keep hiding the nakedness in us which includes our brokenness it raises questions if we actually love Jesus.

Jesus wants us exposed. If we love him we will be more willing to show up our brokenness without hiding. Jesus wants you so much and He wants us to expose ourselves so that he may come through for us.

Today show your nakedness to Jesus He wants to heal you.


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