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He Sustains His Own

How many remember the story of the burning bush? Where Moses saw a burning bush, which was not being consumed? The revelation of this is that when we get the fire of the Holy Spirit we do not burn out in whatever ministry we are in. Ministry in itself is hard and harsh.

God has called us to it and I know that He indeed called me to ministry. Sometimes ministry is hard because of financial struggles and so much discouragement along the way. We sometimes feel like burning out but God rejuvenates us and makes us soar as eagles, we actually do not burn out.

Writing this article is an amazing testimony of God sustaining His own. I felt tired with this ministry a couple of weeks ago and I was almost stopping writing. Then God came for me and He whispered, “I sustain my own.”

What God grows He sustains. Do not get discouraged because whatever you are doing for God is not working, one thing for sure is that you will never ever burn out while serving God. Be at rest and know He is God.

Those who wait on God will receive new strength to keep doing what God has called them to do.

My God indeed sustains His own.


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