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The Creative Me

When I thought of doing the video promo I knew it was a hard thing. Everyone in the class was being their best at this assignment that meant marks in this unit called broadcast management. I was shuttered and I felt what about doing a simple thing, just picking images, inserting some music and writing words as a small video promo that would make sense.

We were doing a video promo that was to advertise a radio station we were to propose for the institution. This video promo was going to be marked and therefore something good was to be presented if good marks were to be awarded. It was in my fourth year first semester and I needed to pass this unit.

I was caught up with time and I did the promo the day of the submission, I woke up early morning and asked for God’s guidance and I hurriedly did what I thought was the worst thing I ever did. Come the time for the submission I did my best to ensure no one saw my pathetic video promo, unfortunately or fortunately it landed on someone’s phone and soon enough almost everyone in the class was viewing my promo.

Here I was feeling ashamed, to my utter surprise everyone was marveled by this promo and I could see envy as their checked my ‘beautiful promo’. The class was wowed by a simple promo that was eye catching with beautiful background music.

That got me moved by this turn of events. I thought how come we hate the things people love the most?

I am concerned with the creative minds that feel afraid of letting their works to the world, the creative people are sometimes the most secretive with their creative stuff and they hide their creativity away from the world.

I write a lot and most times I feel not worthy of writing, but I want to encourage you who is reading this creative piece, to rise up the creativity in you and with shaking hands do what it takes to put your work out here.

I am a creative guy, who are you?


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