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Praying For The Unbeliever

Years back when I was in form two in high school, one guy who was in the same class as I was approached me and asked if I could pray for him because it was during an examination and he needed God’s guidance at this time.

I remember looking at him and declining his request because I felt he wasn’t serious, he begged jokingly for me to pray for him and I declined.

This incident was engraved in my heart for the longest period and I thought, ‘maybe he needed my help seriously.’ Years have passed and I still remember this as vividly as it happened a week ago. I thought probably he did not deserve God’s guidance and I arrogantly refused to give him a chance to experience the power of God.

Today I realize how important it is to pray for the unbeliever, they may approach a Christian jokingly asking for spiritual intervention and the Christian arrogantly turn them down.

Everybody deserves God’s mercies and being there as a Christian to pray for the unbeliever is more than important. Pray for a brother or a sister however unserious they might sound with the things of the Lord. Practice giving Jesus to the world unconditionally and experience how the power of God will transform lives.

I feel guilty till today but that has been a learning stone for me and I would never turn down anyone asking for me to pray for them today.

I pray for my enemies and the unbelievers so that they may finally see the light.



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