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The Investment You Make

Books have been written about different life investments, be it land investment, property investments among many more investments, but books on a Christian investment are not as prominent as the former.

Today give me two minutes to let you know why it is important to invest as a Christian, but what investment? You ask curiously. I am here for you, now sit down, grab a glass of water and let’s explore this beautiful investment.

A Christian investment is the prayers, fasting and reading the word of God. Some Christians find it hard to spend time in prayer, in fasting and in reading the bible. I am who I am today because of such an investment. Time will come when you might not be able to pray, or fast or read the word, that’s when you realize the investment you made in prayer carries you through that moment.

I beseech anyone who is a Christian to make this investment. In a world where people are running for success and money, let’s be alert as Christians and realize the power of investing in our beautiful Faith.

The fasting I used to do when I was in high school carried me through a point in my life when all I wanted was to die. It was in those moments I felt I was almost being drown by the storms of life, but each time I thought I was going down my investment was a testimony of my standing with God.

Today invest in reading the word of God, each time you read the Word ensure that you seek the Holy Spirit to make you remember of that word in your bad days. That word you read can be the greatest strength you need 1 year from now.



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