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The Wait Test

Standing here at this beautiful place, I cannot imagine how it took so long to be here. On the far right side I see the beauty of the well kept but strangely calm flower beds, they seem as if whispering to me, “you stood the wait test”.

I am so overwhelmed by this beauty and as I walk on this concrete pavement towards the other side of my beautiful place I see words written on a billboard that stands some distance away “THE WAIT TEST”. OH! I am awakened by someone knocking on the neighbor’s door, it was just a dream, I give a sigh! But this is not JUST a dream; it is the story of life.

How many times have we stood the wait test? Be it in waiting for someone to come or better still waiting on what we expect in life, our dreams or our aspirations?

It is funny how God has taken me through so many wait tests and I still cling on to him despite sometimes feeling He has forgotten about me. He is God and that’s why he says He won’t forsake us.

Will you stand the wait test? You remember the days when you had been promised by someone that they will give you something you would love to have? You waited patiently and hoped they will give it to you as soon as possible, and every time they visited you there you were curious to see if they honored their promise.

What about if they failed to give what they promised? You got discouraged and felt cheated. Now that is a human being, he/she can cheat but God will never cheat, no matter what His promises are YES and A BIG AMEN.

You waited and waited upon something you expected God had promised, because God may not speak to all of us in dreams or visions, He may put a passion in our heart as a sign of Him promising He will grow that passion in you into a big thing that will take you places. Ask yourself today, as much as God put that passion in your heart, how will it benefit God?

If you got a promise put in your heart in a form of a passion, learn how to use it for God’s glory. Sometimes God won’t fulfill our desires that He put in our heart because you want to use that desire selfishly in a way it won’t glorify God.

As you wait on God to fulfill His promise, learn to accept God’s molding so that eventually when He makes the dream come true, you will absolutely do it for His glory



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Fire In His Eyes

When I look into his eyes I see fire, a fire that cannot be contained anymore. I fear the fire in him may explode inside of him and cause self destruction.


The fire of wanting to be an achiever is burning through his eyes, and before a fire explodes in someone out here I thought to write an article that will help a brother or a sister in the streets of life.

The first day I met him, he was quiet and seemed collected. In no time we became buddies and slowly he started opening up on his chronicles of wanting to achieve. He wants things done and wants to waste no time in achieving his set goals.


He is now 18 years and he is doing his first degree in Journalism and mass communication. He tells me that all he wants to do is to achieve, impact so many lives and probably leave a legacy in this world.

Little is said about him though, because he has not “achieved” his dreams, he wants to do something at this very moment to be able to stand out among his fellows.


At this moment am sitted with him and I feel he is growing impatient with the dreams and visions boiling inside of him. I choose to intervene and I try to help him with a piece of my wisdom. I tell him there is something beautiful in him that would “change the world”.

He looks up through my eyes and smiles. I proceed to tell him that in life one always has to wait, in this world we have to wait to get at something.

There is something called destiny and for each one of us there is a beautiful future, but we choose to give up when we fail to focus on God.


God has everything planned for us and it is all good and nice. Giving up is a choice we choose to take because we think our beautiful destiny is taking years to come. Some people indulge in drugs and in the process tend to miss opportunities when their time has come.

Growing up everyone had those big goals of becoming great men and women, but as we proceed with life the hope of a better future dies inside of us. One thing is that the devil is always on your case and tries to either kill or divert your destiny.


As youth learn to trust in God, don’t trust in people for connections. God has already set a beautiful future in your life and he always wants you to trust in him for your achievements.

Life could be hard and some may lack support and their family backgrounds may not favor their success.


We can always look up to Jesus, fix our eyes unto him and believe in him more.

Again let’s wait on God as we believe. Everything in life takes time. Pray and fast more and rest your soul as you wait on God’s promises because his promises are yes and amen.


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That good thing requires a “thank you”, and that bad thing, what then does it deserve? A curse or an insult? To the good and bad it all requires a bit of patience, a bit of love and as if it is not enough a bit of endurance. To the masters of good, they would say good does not require patience and endurance, but to my disagreement I think before good happens patience and endurance is required. Through tough, thick and hard times, it would not be reasonable to say “thank you” and show gratitude, but to the good and sweet it is very much reasonable to say “thank you”, and to me a great question mark is all what I will just express!


It all happens that peace and joy comes only in the so called “good” times, but it also happens that cursing and hating comes only in the so called “bad” times. I once encountered a real story of two people, one laughed and made merry on the “bad” days and to me that was shocking, on the “good” days was extremely happy and merry made even more. The other foolish one only showed a smile on the “good” days and to my even great shock cried and wailed during the “bad” times. Such a great contradiction! I thought aloud.
Not a weakness to cry in your bad days and smile in your good days, but why not be happy or let me say try being happy and jovial in those days you do not deserve even to show a smile and even in your good days rejoice even more, that to me is such great thanksgiving and that you should offer always. It is a hard hitting world, it hits until you cannot hold it anymore, you call for revenge, but to your disappointment after your revenge you hurt even more. However hard someone or something hits you, don’t worry, in thanksgiving, rejoicing and being happy you become such a great winner, a winner not in a race of losers, but a winner in the race of winners.
It becomes a wonder and a pleasant shock when a group of people or a person gets happy in their lowest moments, but is that not true happiness? Enduring in pain? But yet the people of this world will get shocked when with a joyful and thanksgiving heart you smile in trouble, they would rather wish for you to be gloomy all the days of your pain and trials, but to you I say, “be happy in trouble, and even more happy in good times.” You must be a victorious person to say “thank you” in pain that is what you are, they would rather get distressed in trouble but to you show happiness in trouble.
A walk of the strong is always filled with pain and gloom but to the one who walks in pain with a “thank you” and such great joy, he/she gets an iron heart, for you it is a thank you note that should keep you going. Walking and reading a thank you note always keeps a strong person like you forever strong. A thank you note is that good reflection of good things you got so far or you deserve to get in future, a great thank you note has a vision, has patience, has kindness and has forgiveness.

To the race of “thank yous”, you have to keep alert, unless you never say another “thank you”, remember the thank you note, it talks of four major elements that makes the strong move, it is not easy to carry with you the four elements of the thank you note but I an optimistic person, believe that you will carry with you that great thank you note.

Remember, with thanksgiving comes joy, not the joy that comes and goes, but that permanent joy that lasts forever. Remember also a thanksgiving heart carries a thank you note, in good and bad times, just breath in and out and say “thank you.”

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He wanted someone to be saved. He asked “whom shall I send?” then one among them stood and said, “send me”, and he was sent, he was meek and lowly, humble he was and despite coming from a rich place, he accepted to be born in a poor household, in a carpenter’s house. He became natural from being super natural, he did the ordinary yet he could do the extra-ordinary. Amazing he was, he was not a darling to many though, he had his own trials, pains and tribulations.

He became a hero after he conquered all, and he was crowned “The Son Of God”, to him/her who believed in him, he gave him/her the power to be called “The Son Of God” or “The Daughter Of God”. Many came before him and even after him and call themselves “The Messiah”, yet we know it is only one “Messiah” who through him we get salvation. To those who came before him prepared a way for him and to those who now claim to be him are probably “the second coming messiah”.

Pastors, singers and many more people stand in the gap, to represent him; they carry his light and perform what he would have performed by calling onto his name. To the “miracle workers” they attach their power to him, because he who believes in him and calls his name has the power to destroy scorpions and snakes under their feet. Like how he was sent, to the “miracle workers” they are also sent, they do not own any power they use, it is not theirs. Some claim to have the power to heal and chase demons in someone, but it stands the power in them belongs to Jesus only, not the devil, the devil has no power of his own, he was given, but to Christ he owns the power, because after conquering he is now a King, an obedient Son of God.

It is not an ordinary thing, to talk the things of spirituality; some find it funny to speak of God the father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit in this time and age. It is not funny; it is what defines us, our past, our present and our future. Have you heard of people who always praise the Lord during their victory? Even if their path to success was not guided by Godly principles?

To my quest for understanding, I stand to be counted blameless, to those who are given the power or supposedly lead people to Christ, should stand blameless. A pastor, a singer, a television or radio presenter who represents Christ should stand in holiness and straight living. Immorality should not be mentioned in you neither touch any part of you, because when you do so, you are like the person who has put on a white cloth, he/she is holy but the white cloth is tattered and around his/her legs, he/she is bound by chains and carries a heavy burden on his/her head, going in and out of the doors of Hell.

The story of the person who went to Christ at night, says the man afraid of being associated with Christ went to seek him at night. He was a wise man and despite the “evil” in him, he knew through confession and going to Christ, he would be saved. To those who hold strong positions and are afraid of being associated with the precious Jesus should borrow a leaf and go down on their knees at night, should put off the lights and whisper a repentance prayer.
To those who live a double-life, should realize they are not on either side, neither for Christ nor for the devil, I have a feeling when they die, they will be suspended on air because no one will take them. They too should repent.