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Total surrender to the power of the Holy Spirit has been something I struggled with for a long period of time, till I finally decided I am going to fully surrender to Him and see what would happen to me.

For me surrender was a big word, which sounded like giving your power to someone who you were not sure they would take care of me if I surrendered to them.

So here I am after the surrender and unbelievably things are working more than just fine. The power of the Holy Spirit is working immensely in my life, I feel I come alive every single step of my walk with God and Him (the Holy Spirit) breathing in me has been awesome!

For Christians surrender to God is the most difficult thing, many Christians are afraid and they tremble at the words ‘surrender to God’.

Today as a Christian realize that the more you surrender to God, to Jesus and the Holy Spirit, the more the spiritual blessings in your life and abundance in every area of your life.

I am living free from condemnation, shame, sin and guilt by simply surrendering to the Holy Spirit.



I Am Just A Guy Who Loves God And Testifys The Amazing Works Of Jesus As I Share My Encounter Of The Great Love Of Jesus To A Forgiven Sinner Like Me. "It Is Finished". Be Part Of This Journey As You Accept Jesus In Your Life

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