22 06 17

Dreams dreams dreams… and more dreams. So how do dreamers look like? Today I am fully convinced that any journey of a dreamer is riddled with difficulty, rejection and people closest to them not understanding them.

If you have dreams and aspirations of making it big in any field of life, then know you have declared war with the devil. he will try with all his ‘might’ to destroy you. This is actually a strong indicator that your dream is a very good thing that will benefit lots of people.

The journey of a dreamer put the likes of Joseph in the Bible into great trouble. His brothers decided to sell him off as a slave so that they could do away with the dreamer, what they forgot however is that the dreamer kept living on. Joseph eventually made it and became a powerful man in another country, though it was not a walk in paradise but the dreamer finally made it.

We all have dreams, but few of us can endure the struggle of following our dreams to completion. Stand to be counted and make it to the Promised Land.

Many years back when I thought of writing, I felt like it was mission impossible for me. Today I am writing and reaching thousands of people with my writing. I am with the help of the Holy Spirit finding new thoughts every day to write them down and share with the world. I am spreading hope and to the cast down Jesus is using me to lift them from their shadows of despair.

Dreamers sometimes appear like crazy men and women who are just harboring crazy ideas about crazy things. If you have a dream move on with it, use the small resources you have to start. Do not wait for tomorrow or the day before, remember you will ripe in due time if you do not give up.

I am passionate about dreamers who do it for God, because service to God is service to man. Strive to achieve not for selfish gains but for service to humanity. Today say, “I am a dreamer made to prosper in the land of the living.”

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