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Being An Introvert

I am the quiet guy who enjoys his own company. Yet some people find it hard to believe that introverts can actually be that different and still thrive in this world. Being an introvert has been a journey I have had to accept and learn how to cope up with the challenges that come along.

I have cried because I felt I could not make friends as other people would easily do, but in the midst of that season I found a new song, a song of victory and triumph. For me being an introvert was like a disease that needed immediate attention, and I got the attention and now I am healed completely. The scars of the old are gone and now I am focused on loving the Me that I am.

Personality is something really amazing that God imparted in us while still growing in our mothers’ womb. So beautiful is personality but so deadly is its handling. You could be introverted and feeling cast down like I was, then this is your article. Hold on and accept who you are.

Introverted people could be perceived boring, but to the introverts always be the sparkle that will fade away the boredom inside of you or around you. Sometimes in the journey of the introvert, it feels like a walk in the dark and the journey can be so difficult till you say, “I wish death comes.” One thing is for sure that night dwells for a season but behold day break comes with a song of praise.

I was stuck in that corner of lost hope and despair, but God picked me and molded me. Today I am a happy soul that still thrives in the midst of thorny ground. “I am made of God” I say while giving myself a part on the back. I let all the pain of feeling rejected go and give it to Jesus to carry it while I am made free.

Introverts are such amazing people, who have a very good vision that is in danger of being shattered by the devil. You can check through characteristics of being an introvert and learn why some people hate being introverts. One thing is for sure ‘INTROVERTS RUN THE WORLD’ be encouraged and be of calm mind dear introvert.


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