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Never Get Tired To Forgive

It happened to me a few days ago, when a feeling of not wanting to forgive started creeping in. I had lately started feeling that I have been forgiving people a lot.

Maybe someone would say a nasty word at me and I will almost immediately start remembering of the bad things he/she had said in the past that I had forgiven already. It was in this confusion and lack of direction that I felt God was calling out to me to forgive as much times as He had forgiven me of my iniquities. I heeded the call and I forgave all the people who had been a thorn to me in recent times.

That experience got me writing this article and I thought you need this so much. Maybe you are unstuck in this unforgiveness corner that you have made a hiding place. You think probably you have forgiven enough and now it’s time to revenge. Believe me it is never a good thing to revenge, be the bigger person and let it go…

When you forgive and smile at those who thought they had won the fight by crushing you, you actually make them feel miserable and they whisper at each other, “how come?”

It is not a very easy thing to forgive people but at least you can try and see how much God will bless you if for once you let people off your heart…

There is a phase that goes like this, if you resent people or a person in your heart, then it is likened to taking poison and expecting your enemies to drop dead! Wow, forgive and let go so that you are not imprisoned by people.



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