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That Was A Different Thing

We all came to agree that in life we have to compete, fight hard for the resources available, it is survival for the fittest; it does not call only for the strong and the outwardly well-built bodies that we use to fight it out in the battle of life; of life and death. It calls for reasoning, intelligence and many more elements that go beyond our physical strength; it is the mental strength.

All are prompted and urged to fight it out, when the fight is too hard some withdraw and call it ‘life’ others struggle and call it ‘heaven’ made down on earth, yet the ‘life’ callers go to the ‘heaven’ callers for a piece of their heaven. The ’heaven’ callers not to show their kindness and hide their survival for the fittest tactics, order around the ‘life’ callers to perform those tasks that will make the ‘heaven’ callers make a more heaven down here, where? The earth, the home of struggle which never ceases to amaze the ‘life’ callers, this earth was made to be hot, thirsty and hungry? But like men and women of wisdom, they made it cool, water full and a fruitful life and they said “That was a different thing.”

The guy was my friend and like soldiers in the battle field, we both were eager to fight it out, this was a life and death fight, we were fighting to survive and like soldiers we had our own tactics to fight this one common enemy which was our survival. We both got weary after a few minutes of fighting and we fell asleep, we slept that sleep that was not peaceful, a wake-and-sleep type of sleep after a few seconds of sleeping. We however forgot our survival enemy was running away for fear of us and our survival was running low. We would no longer continue sleeping and like fierce, angry and hungry lions we set off to get our survival enemy who was going away because that was the fighting technique.

Our survival enemy is like a big piece of bread and was meant to be picked and put in a sack full that will sustain our lives, surviving was the reason of the name and anyone who was unable to fill the sack then lost their survival. A friend and a friend we went after the survival bread, each of us used their own tactic to reach the survival bread faster, but unfortunately my friend lost the race because, “That was not a different thing.” I mean my friend copied and pasted.

“And that was life.” I gave a deep sigh, it was indeed life. When we are in the race of survival, no one needs to look at the person next to them, how he/she runs is none of your business, both you and me put forward our best foot needless to say of the pain we undergo while struggling to reach our survival, our destiny, our set goals and much more in life. Because nothing is as depressing as looking at what people do to reach your set goals.

Everyone and everybody has his/her own piece of the cake in life, it is all about toiling and perfecting what we were created to do and use it to build harmony, love, peace and a heaven. Everyone loves to look around for any idea left out to work on to survive, but then nothing is as bad as looking at what others do and instead of developing a new tactic, we imitate. Everybody does a different thing to get a different result and to create wide and varied elements to make a cool, water full and fruitful earth.

I did not say do what other people do but I said do the same thing but in a different way. Better and much better should you do a different thing. When we both do the same thing with the same formula we do not make a difference in life. Do something that everybody could say, “That was a different thing…”


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