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My Testimony

A disclaimer, this is my testimony of the amazing works of Jesus in my life.

He has given me peace which I cannot explain, there were times storms of life would hit me and would almost make me lose balance and grip of my life, but in the midst of all that I still found peace to rise above that.

He has taught me to love people, not only those who love me but at most to those who hurt me so bad. I still smile and continue to smile as I share the love through the smile.You deserve to smile

He has taught me forgiveness, I remember when the feeling of anger rose and I said to myself, “I won’t forgive Him; in fact He’s the one who hurt me.” He came to me and whispered, “so much I forgave your sins, so much you must forgive others too.”

He taught me humility. When I would feel justified to get what I thought was my right, he taught me to humble myself because He said to me in due time he will exalt me.

So much He has done this man Jesus and he continues doing. What more is impossible to Him?

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I Am Just A Guy Who Loves God And Testifys The Amazing Works Of Jesus As I Share My Encounter Of The Great Love Of Jesus To A Forgiven Sinner Like Me. "It Is Finished". Be Part Of This Journey As You Accept Jesus In Your Life

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