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Why I Write

I have tried to find the answer to this question for the longest time now, “why do I write?” I have written over 50 articles since two years ago when I started this writing affair. I think maybe I write because I want money or maybe to be seen as a person who is just doing something with their free time.

It has not been easy, it has never been a walk in paradise, I have cried over this and I have at one time hated God because I put blood, sweat and tears on this and what do I get? Frustration and no money in my account.

One guy once said writing is a dog’s work, I have heard enough of how I am never going to make it in this field of being a writer and it has hurt me. They said this field has its own experts who make money out of it and make it big. Here I am again still writing and will write some more.

I remember when I started writing I used to walk quiet a long distance to be able to access internet to at least post my articles, under the scorching African sun I would walk. Sometimes I would find the cyber closed but I would not give up. I still do not give up, check it is my website and you will realize how hard I have worked to put such great content.

I started writing after I got bored sitting the whole day at home and going to class in the evening to attend my classes in the university, I am a student at Technical University of Mombasa, located at the coast in Kenya, I am currently in my fourth year first semester doing my degree in journalism and mass communication.

So where was I? yeah I was bored sitting home the whole day with nothing to do, my first article was on the gay people, check it on it’s called the other side of the coin and I wrote it because I had so many questions on why anybody would choose to be gay.

So I started there and slowly God has given me strength to move on to this website and meet a larger audience, I am still not earning anything from my writing and the question of giving up writing still comes to me.

Maybe you have followed my article since I started two years ago in 2015, do you think my writing has made a difference in your life? Because the more I write I realize that I do not need money when someone’s life is not being transformed with my writing. Read through my articles and kindly give feedback on what you think my articles have done in your life.

I am born again, a saved brother in Christ Jesus and I love you my reader so much. I would love you to realize I just don’t write because I want anything more from you but want a positive transformation to happen in your life. Share this article and all my articles with your friends and family and tell them about this website.

I would love your feedback, I write for you and I am doing this for God. Even if I don’t get money from this I don’t sleep hungry or lack in any way, at least I get food and have so much peace knowing I am doing it for Jesus.

I write because God tells me so, I am His servant and you too can serve Him by doing what He tells you to do. Support me as I take this article writing ministry to the next level.


I Am Just A Guy Who Loves God And Testifys The Amazing Works Of Jesus As I Share My Encounter Of The Great Love Of Jesus To A Forgiven Sinner Like Me. "It Is Finished". Be Part Of This Journey As You Accept Jesus In Your Life

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