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Fire In His Eyes

When I look into his eyes I see fire, a fire that cannot be contained anymore. I fear the fire in him may explode inside of him and cause self destruction.


The fire of wanting to be an achiever is burning through his eyes, and before a fire explodes in someone out here I thought to write an article that will help a brother or a sister in the streets of life.

The first day I met him, he was quiet and seemed collected. In no time we became buddies and slowly he started opening up on his chronicles of wanting to achieve. He wants things done and wants to waste no time in achieving his set goals.


He is now 18 years and he is doing his first degree in Journalism and mass communication. He tells me that all he wants to do is to achieve, impact so many lives and probably leave a legacy in this world.

Little is said about him though, because he has not “achieved” his dreams, he wants to do something at this very moment to be able to stand out among his fellows.


At this moment am sitted with him and I feel he is growing impatient with the dreams and visions boiling inside of him. I choose to intervene and I try to help him with a piece of my wisdom. I tell him there is something beautiful in him that would “change the world”.

He looks up through my eyes and smiles. I proceed to tell him that in life one always has to wait, in this world we have to wait to get at something.

There is something called destiny and for each one of us there is a beautiful future, but we choose to give up when we fail to focus on God.


God has everything planned for us and it is all good and nice. Giving up is a choice we choose to take because we think our beautiful destiny is taking years to come. Some people indulge in drugs and in the process tend to miss opportunities when their time has come.

Growing up everyone had those big goals of becoming great men and women, but as we proceed with life the hope of a better future dies inside of us. One thing is that the devil is always on your case and tries to either kill or divert your destiny.


As youth learn to trust in God, don’t trust in people for connections. God has already set a beautiful future in your life and he always wants you to trust in him for your achievements.

Life could be hard and some may lack support and their family backgrounds may not favor their success.


We can always look up to Jesus, fix our eyes unto him and believe in him more.

Again let’s wait on God as we believe. Everything in life takes time. Pray and fast more and rest your soul as you wait on God’s promises because his promises are yes and amen.



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