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More Than A Handsome Guy

I thought giving the title “the mind of a handsome guy” is too narrow so I choose “more than just a handsome guy” as the title of this captivating article.

These handsome guys come with a set of different features that are just too striking that ladies or even some men cannot take their eyes off them. They are those guys that ladies who hang around them have a class of their own.

However the grass is not green as it looks on the part of this handsome men. If for example we get tired of their looks, what more could they offer? Because after everybody is tired of looking at their striking features people search deeper to get the handsomeness in them not on them.

On the contrary when one searches deeper inside these “handsome men”, some of them do not have anything more inside of them but are just the normal fuckboys who can’t hold their sexual emotions even for another full second.

You know, what makes you stand out is not how handsome or good looking a man you are, but it is the more you have inside of you.

One thing I have noticed with handsome men is that, some of them are so wasted inside of them and what we only see and admire are their beautiful faces. One thing in life is not how ugly or handsome a man looks, it’s that inner handsomeness that matters.

Sometimes I see good looking men who are so into drugs, and I think to myself, probably they grew up being told how handsome they were and never built their inner self, and so when people stopped telling them they are handsome they wasted off.

A handsome man needs to build their inner self first. As a handsome man, you need to start reflecting on yourself and ask, “If I was not handsome, what would become of me?” that question will awaken you and slowly you will feed your soul with inner confidence and beauty.

At the end of the so called day, good looks are admirable and one can become a model, but not everyone can be. Everyman whether good looking or not needs to build their inner self and God will always be a helper to build your inner self.


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