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She Keeps Coming Back

She keeps coming back after we all think she’s gone. She comes back to her husband who is endlessly kicking her and giving her a blow almost every day of her torturous week.

When women get assaulted by their husbands, some still choose to remain and seem not to see the potential death threat they are living with every day of their lives.

One woman for instance, has always attracted my attention. She lives close enough to home and her life seems to revolve around violence from her husband who has turned her to a punching bag. The villagers have tried talking to her to leave this husband, but she keeps coming back even after we all think she has left the husband for good.

The reason she keeps coming back, is not that she likes the kicks and blows, but she thinks her husband is able to sustain her. Sometimes I look at both of them (the woman and the husband) and I think it is romance on a new level.

Kenya as a country is constantly talking about the fight against domestic violence, but when we dig deeper into some marriages, it looks like some are “enjoying it”.

Not to speak of husbands who are being assaulted by their wives, but they are quiet enjoying life under the able “wife” who provides everything.

The message to give wives and husbands who are still in marriages which are violent is that, they should either walk away or if they are enjoying their lives, they better not kill one another.

Domestic violence has always been real. If the husband and wives have kids I can only imagine the torturous experience the kids are subjected to.

I have seen in some movies where kids are fed up with the wrangles between their parents and they sit them down and talk to them. In an African set up, can a kid sit their father or mother and tell them to stop fighting? I doubt. What then should kids do?

If you are a husband or wife in a marriage full of violence, you need to make a decision. Either choose life and walk away or choose death by remaining.

The choice is always with them who face such violence, some feel if they walk away they may not be able to sustain themselves. Come on! If God feeds the birds in the air what more would he do to his son or daughter who needs him or her urgently? Don’t be naïve and help yourself out.


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