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My Confession Part 2

When I first thought of writing this confession, I thought calling it, “me as a light pornographic watcher” was to be the best title for this article.

However after realizing I had conquered my struggle, I set myself up, put on my jumper and off I started writing.

After finishing form four and stayed home for a while (like 8 months), I realized I had started fantasizing what sex felt like, because I had never engaged in real sex and so me at 17 years was puzzled about the fun of it.

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It was in this situation of wanting to know, that when my mum bought me my first phone, I quickly goggled the word “sex” and immediately went to the images section.

It felt it was not satisfying goggling only “sex”, within no time I was on naked men and later moving on to naked men fucking, naked gay men fucking and all that filth that led to masturbation.

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All this time, as a saved boy in Christ. However my story was not like most pornographic watchers, who would watch moving images, mine was on still images and I stuck at that.

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I felt I was only watching naked men and that’s all. I would constantly pray after watching such on my small screen phone and would ask God for forgiveness.

It was on this sticky muddy ground that I heard of one pastor, pastor Joseph Prince of New Creation Church preaching on God channel and speaking the message of grace.

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I had bumped into him sometime back, but was not interested to listen to him. However when I was alone I found his preaching enjoyable to listen to.

He did not condemn me like other preachers would do, but he spoke like a father and his warmth in his preaching is what drew me closer to his ministry.

He would preach on the message of grace and at one time he talked of addictions, and he said that it was through the righteousness of Jesus to us that people can be freed from addictions.

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I slowly started praying this prayer, “Jesus, I step into your righteousness, make me righteous as you, and may your grace be sufficient for me. Amen.”

It was a simple prayer but Jesus started working in amazing ways in my life, I am still saved and enjoying Christ every single day, and above all freed from watching pornography.

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You can also say the prayer above, and accept Jesus Christ in your life; he will free you from all addictions.

You can call or text me on 0708395730, and also check out for my confession part 2.


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